Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry - The Moron Of The Week

I decided to start a thing called "Signtopia's Moron Of The Week Award". Needless to say, there are alot of morons to choose from. This week isn't even over yet and after today's news reports, I doubt that anyone could be more moronic than John Kerry. He has shown again why he was the Democrats choice to run for President in the last election. He has shown us all again, why he lost. He also is reminding everyone exactly why the Democrat Party has pretty much gone down the tubes. Everybody has a right to free speech in this country and John Kerry is no exception. The big problem is, for a person in his position of power and influence, none of us need to hear him utter obvious anti-American bullcrap. It's almost as if he decided that he wasn't getting his fair share of media attention with all of the talk about the various candidates, that he intentionally spews out his verbal diarrhea......and voila! His ugly ass mug is all over the place again. Seriously, John Kerry is an "elected" official in our American government. He is supposed to represent the people that elected him (regardless of their political persuasion). He just so happens to sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee! The last thing we need during a time of war, is some idiot politician such as John Kerry, spouting off with very public insults and attacks against our military. Of course, John Kerry is now trying to suggest it was a "joke" about the President. Sorry MORON......the President just so happens to be the Commander In Chief of our MILITARY! This is the last straw with John Kerry. It is also the last straw for the Democrat Party. I am not hearing any apologies.......and if apologies suddenly start firing out rapidly, I ain't buying them. Way too late. So just HOW did this MORON get elected to any office? Oh........I remember............the people of Massachusetts get alot of the blame. That's a shame, too. John Kerry, the voice of Massachusetts.............no, wait.............the "other" voice of Massachusetts........we cannot forget about that other prime moron Ted "When I returned, Mary Jo and the car were gone" Kennedy.

It IS all over Ted. You and your cohort Kerry have showed us all, repeatedly, what you really are and how you do things. The kicker is, both think they are untouchables. So far, they have been re-elected and re-elected by the people of Massachusetts for some unknown reason. (maybe it was stuff like the BIG DIG) The State of Massachusetts has produced two of the most anti-American moron politicians in history. They must be proud. Now we really know what Kerry thinks of your sons that are in our military (for whatever reasons). I wouldn't be surprised to see John Kerry go over to North Korea and party with Kim Jong Il. I also wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that Kerry and his wife have vested interests in Venezuela.

Gay pride? or just "happy" Democrats?

So there you have it.........



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