Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Today, The Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick announced that Offensive Coordinator Jim Fassel is fired. Sure, Fassel carried with him some history of success, but his recent history with the Ravens does not reflect that. In the NFL, you cannot wait and wait and wait for success. Teams have to make moves every year in order to try to better themselves. As in baseball, if the team sucks, the manager gets the axe. Also in baseball, if the pitching sucks, you put a coach in place to try to improve things. The Ravens tried to improve things when they replaced Matt Cavanaugh with Jim Fassel as offensive coordinator. Up to this point, the term "offensive" has had new meaning......not the "offensive" that fans expected. This was a no-brainer decision. Fassel had to go. The monkey is on Billick's back now, with no excuses for failure. I understand that Billick will now replace Fassel with a person that was known for his offensive prowess. That replacement is none other than Billick himself. We will now see if Billick can really shine. I hope he does and I will be rooting for him. His job is on the line. The owner expected Billick to change after the end of last season. Billick was able to keep his job by agreeing that changes were needed in how he runs the show. Perhaps the firing of Fassel is an example of that. You have to think he got some pressure as well from the front office. I can't blame them. Go Ravens!

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