Wednesday, October 04, 2006

People We Can Do Without

I ran across a picture of Katherine Helmond from the movie "Brazil". When I saw it, I immediately thought it was Nancy Pelosi. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi has the people of San Francisco fooled into thinking she is Helmond. What other reason could there be that people elected her? I searched the internet to see if I could find any great accomplishments this woman has achieved. Well.........I didn't find much to speak of but apparently she is really good at political fund-raising. It was also interesting to browse the FEC website and see the names of people that seem to like her enough to contribute money to her campaign. If San Francisco wants her, they can have her. But Pelosi seeks greater power now. She could end up being the next Speaker of the House after the current election if the Democrats become the majority. Unless you live in her district, there doesn't seem much you can do about it. But there is. People like Pelosi, that have no serious contribution to society, after having been in a position to do so, need to be put in check. If the people of San Francisco aren't willing to help out, we should just make sure that when we vote in our own state elections, we put people in place to prevent morons like Pelosi from impeding progress.

Pelosi is one of those political blue-bloods that think they are entitled to political office. She was raised right here in Baltimore, the daughter of former congressman/mayor Thomas D'Alesandro. Her brother Thomas also became mayor of Baltimore. I have personally done business with her brother, a very shrewd businessman he is. One thing is for sure, I saw no indication of cosmetic surgery. If you know nothing about the somewhat notorious history of the D'Alesandro family of Baltimore, you might want to educate yourself by doing your own web search about them. By the way, when you do a search you might also include the name "Dominic "Mimi" DiPietro". I am sure that Pelosi has much she has been taught by her family.

Throughout my life, I have been able to look a person in the eye, talk with them, listen to how they speak, and come up with a dead-on opinion about them. My inner gut also has never failed me. I have come to certain conclusions regarding Pelosi. When I see Nancy Pelosi, I cannot imagine why anyone would elect her to any office. But people did indeed elect her. Unfortunately, that action initialized a certain chain of process that ultimately will be completely terrible for our nation. I do not want to have to write here next year and tell you "I tried to warn you but you didn't pay attention". There is something like 43% of the Senate consisting of political blue-bloods. Here in Maryland, a political blue-blood tried to get elected as governor during the previous gubernatorial election. It was Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and she represented the Democratic Party. Maryland consists of a huge percentage of Democrats. The Democratic Party is usually guaranteed a win in this state but not that election. Townsend was defeated by Robert Ehrlich, a Repubican. That's right, a "Kennedy" LOST big time in Maryland. The media seems to have forgotten about it. When it happened, they didn't seem to mention it nationally. Now we have another gubernatorial election in November. Ehrlich is seeking another term and this time his opponent is the current mayor of Baltimore, Martin O'Malley.

You have seen O' may have seen a pretty good representation of him on television if you happen to be a fan of HBO's The Wire. There is a character on the show that is a politician running for mayor of Baltimore named Thomas Carcetti. Aside from the scripted character, the show even managed to get an actor that is uncannily similar in appearance to O'Malley. O'Malley is a different kind of blue-blood politician. He is the kind that isn't listed in any statistics because he married into a political family. He married a Curran, who is not only a judge, but whose father has been the Attorney General for the State of Maryland for many years. Do we really want to elect people that just intend to carry on the business of the same people that have been in office all these years? How will there ever be any progress in this state or anywhere else in the USA if we ignore the elections and not act on this? These political dynasties need to be stopped. They are ruining the country.

Back to Kathleen "Kennedy" Townsend. She is the daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and you know who he was. Her brother is also named Robert. He is the one that keeps popping up on those talking head shows whining about the environment and voting machines. He has a very unusual sound to his voice....very irritating.....he sounds like he is gonna cry when he speaks. Maybe he can't help that, but I rank his voice right down there with Rita Cosby. Townsend managed to get elected in a ticket with Parris Glendening. He became governor, she became lieutenant governor. When Glendening was finished, Townsend and the leadership of the Democratic Party wanted her to be the next governor of Maryland. Before the primary of that particular election, there was a lot of noise about Martin O'Malley leaving his mayoral post and running for governor. But WAIT!, can't let that happen can we? Push a Kennedy out of the way? Somehow, the powers that be must have convinced O'Malley to keep out of it and he stated that he would not run. He said he wasn't finished as mayor. There was more work to be done. I got the impression that the Democratic Party made him some sort of offer....or maybe even sought out a returned favor. (Why does this remind me of The Godfather movies?) Somebody must have owed somebody something. I won't go into how O'Malley, a white man, became mayor in a "brown town", but I suggest you watch every episode of HBO's The Wire to get a good idea of how it is actually done.

History seems to have repeated itself.
As the days neared for the most recent primary election, the front runner for the Democratic Party was Doug Duncan, the Montgomery County, Md. County Executive. There was a large noise about his candidacy for governor. He would likely go on to unseat the Republican Ehrlich and O'Malley wasn't really making much noise about running. Then, O'Malley started making some we have a race......BUT looks like O'Malley might be beat by Duncan! That had to be stopped....but how? Out of the blue, there is late breaking news on every local tv station........ "Duncan drops out of governor's race !" What on earth happened for that to come about? The reason given was, Duncan suffers from clinical depression! Imagine that! He is said to be clinically depressed! He stated his condition would impede his ability to serve as governor. Unbelieveable! Apparently his depression was no excuse to prevent him from serving as county executive in Montgomery County. The party must have approved of that. I figure the party must have wanted O'Malley. Maybe they owed O'Malley one for not getting in the way of the Kennedy blue-blood candidate. Maybe O'Malley whined loud enough that he would expose the party leadership for its shenanigans forcing him to back off in the prior election. Maybe.......maybe....maybe. I smell a rat!......and that cannot be a good thing. O'Malley wants to be governor. O'Malley likes having it his way. O'Malley has connections, remember? It all is becoming clearer isn't it?

We need to take notice of this stuff. We need to register to vote and get out there and vote in every election. Whether you lean to the Left or lean to the Right, you gotta do it. You have to do it for the future of your kids and your grandkids because its our own fault when these politicians mess things up or never get anything done. Lack of voting is counted on by these people. They expect to win by default. Vote these morons out of office and help keep these idiots a bunch of working stiffs in the general population. Entitlement.......bah! Some of them won't let anything get in the way of their control over us. You might want to do another web search for articles about this very thing. Just search this......"O'Malley & Sade Baderinwa".

More on the next election very soon.

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