Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nothing Like A Little Honesty

U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski............hmmmmmm..........she's very short yet has a very loud voice.........and still yet has been very very quiet about certain things. The last time I checked, there has been no evidence that she is secretly a nun in disguise. From my observations, she reminds me of Rosie O'Donnell....except for the fact that Rosie has been very vocal about certain things. Personally, it doesn't really matter what her personal lifestyle is.....but a case could be made that she is in a position of influence in this country and she owes it to Americans to be up front about it. Sure, Mikulski has managed to get re-elected repeatedly despite not being able to tout a loving spouse or children she may have raised, as other politicians do. Her constituents haven't seemed to care much about that stuff. It's like having an old uncle that never got married and never appeared to ever have any ladyfriends.......ahhhhhh its your uncle and you like him even though he has been more celibate than most popes. But if you actually asked your uncle, you would expect some sort of response. There has been speculation about Mikulski over the years. I might could understand why a man would not come forth if he ever had dated her. I certainly can't imagine that Mikulski would have gone all of this time miserably alone with no companion other than a dog or cat. After all these years now, and given all the recent talk in the media regarding sexual behavior of our Senators, my own curiosity is up. If Mikulski cannot be honest about it, I then have to wonder what other things she has not told us. Of course politicians are quite adept at not telling us things, and yet they feel the need to tell us what they believe we should agree with them about. Hmmmmmm.....I have to think about that last comment.......... all of the Senatorial closets have not been emptied.

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  1. I must have struck somebody's nerve with this post. I chose to delete their comment because of their lack of ability to actually comprehend and address any point I had made. Aside from being called a sexist pig because I commented about a woman, I was told to go back to sports "jock that I am". That was rather humorous actually. In truth, it doesn't surprise me one bit that I recieved such a comment........I knew there were people out there that keep Mikulski in office.