Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Times As An Indicator

I check out and everyday. I saw the above picture on the Boortz site. For some reason it seems possible that there is someone who has a set of dentures exactly like that. God knows I have probably bumped into them in the candy aisle at my local grocery store.

Today on the Drudge Report, I found two snippets of news regarding the New York Times. The first report was about how their profits were down. I usually wouldn't give a hoot about that, but as I continued reading the main page of headlines, another news item with the New York Times cited as the source, caught my eye......"NYT: Be Prepared For Chaos On Election Day; New Machines, Lines, Confusion....." My first thought we go again. I have voted in every election since the age of 18. Thirty-two years worth of voting. In thirty-two years, I have NEVER, NOT ONCE, went to my assigned polling location and found a line except for one time. That one time, there were only three people waiting for their turn to vote. That's not much of a line. Regarding the "new machines"........we have them. They ain't so "new" now since we used them for the primary election. Not one problem as far as I could tell. You would have to be a complete idiot to not grasp how to use those machines in a half minute's time. I don't buy the bullhockey about the "new machines". I think its just being used as an preliminary excuse for political failings.........setting up the to speak. "Confusion".......I don't buy that one either. I have NEVER seen anyone at a polling place roaming about with a confused look on their face. Nobody scratching their heads and wondering. Nobody confusing the restroom with a voter booth. "Chaos"........The only thing that could resemble chaos at a polling place would be the ridiculous amount of campaign signs and political supporters that inundate you as you approach. Oddly enough, there are more of them there than there are people actually voting at one given time.

So why is the New York Times spewing out this nonsense? To create fear so that you and I might NOT VOTE on election day. That's right. Liberals know full well that they have more success in elections when less people come to the polls. The Conservatives know that they have more success when voter turnout is higher. That's a fact. The Times doesn't want us to vote. Trying to scare us away is not gonna work. Here is the deal............the Republican Party already figured this scenario here in Maryland. They knew the "new machine" excuses were coming, so in anticipation of this...they have not only encouraged people here in Maryland to vote...but to vote using ABSENTEE BALLOTS! That's right.......the evil absentee ballots. Most people have the idea in their heads that absentee ballots are to be used only by voters who will not be at home during the election. Maryland voter regulations has no such requirement. I have applied for my absentee ballot and shall wait for it to arrive by mail. It would not surprise me to hear about an article from the Times or the Sun, that we cannot put much faith in the US Mail......or an article stating the chaos that arrives with the use of a pen or pencil in the confines of your own abode......or maybe even an article alleging that the sudden onslaught of excessive amounts of absentee ballots will overwhelm the postal service and there are not enough mail carriers and that they will be confused by it all.

The bottom line hasn't been very good for the New York Times. Aside from their own personal scandals, the booming internet has pretty much decimated newspapers around the country as we all knew them. I have mentioned this before. The idea that the New York Times is influential may be correct. Such nonsense has influenced me to not buy their product. They will not get a dollar from me. It is obvious that they want to try to steer this election. They do not drive my car, they do not clothe my kids, and they do not put food on my table. They certainly will not prevent me from voting. It looks like they have no idea why profits are down.

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