Sunday, October 15, 2006

Commander In Chief

Number One Son & Number Two Son Pictured Above With Gina Davis.

It's a small world, and with each day you never know what can happen. As it was, my number one son had been getting some work as an extra on HBO's The Wire which shoots here in Baltimore. He has been used by them so frequently that he is now sometimes listed as a cast member. It also happens that he makes friends easily and because of his inherited charm...hehehe....he got a call to be involved with the filming of what was to be the pilot episodes of Touchstone Pictures "Commander In Chief". They needed some help and he was the one that could help. He was hired on as "military consultant" for the scenes that were to be filmed at a local cemetery. They also needed a bunch of guys to portray the color guard for the funeral of the President scene. My son rounded up as many friends and aquaintances he could to do the job. One of them happened to be my number two son. The scene had to be done right and number one son accomplished exactly that. It was lots of work involved for a mere few seconds of film. In the process, they both got to meet Gina Davis and Donald Sutherland. I remember getting phone calls prior to the filming. On the caller ID it would say "Touchstone Pictures". It's not everyday that anyone would see that on their caller ID. The woman that was calling would tell me how great my son is and how he had impressed them with his abilities. Call me a proud dad. How many people can say both of their sons were in a major television program? Maybe a career is blossoming, maybe it won't. One thing is for sure.......both of these guys will always be stars to me.......and of course, "I" am their "director".

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