Wednesday, October 04, 2006

People We Can Do Without, Part II

Here are a few pictures of the people mentioned in my previous entry on the blog. I had a momentary glitch in the few minutes I set aside to write on the blog. Be sure to review the prior post and pretend these pictures are squeezed right in there with it.

First off, this picture is of Kathleen "Kennedy" Townsend. Thank God she lost the election.
This next picture is Montgomery County Executive Doug "I'm Depressed" Duncan shown on the left, and Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley pictured on the right.

Have another good look at O'Malley.

The picture above is Martin O'Malley. The picture shown below is the actor Aidan Gillen of HBO's The Wire. His character's name is Councilman Thomas Carcetti who just so happens to be running for Mayor of Baltimore on the show.
It is easy to understand why he was chosen for the part. Consider also that O'Malley was also once a City Councilman who ran for Mayor of Baltimore.

Are you getting the picture now?