Friday, October 20, 2006

Out Of Nowhere

The "savior" of our world? I don't think so. Barak Obama is being touted as the best thing since butter. I would rather have butter. The media seems to be loving this dude. He says all the right things and says it perfectly. In fact, he has come out of nowhere and taken a very speedy rise to fame. The political equivalent of a rock star. Half white, half black. He won an election in what? I find it very suspicious that his opponent in that "election" was Alan Keyes. We all know Alan Keyes. Keyes is a Marylander and a Republican. It was ridiculous for the powers that be to recruit Keyes to run for office in a State that he had not lived in. Of course, such tactics is not new to the political arena........have you forgotten about Hillary Clinton? Hillary was conveniently "placed" in the State of New York. Both political parties have done this stuff, but the Keyes selection was very odd. He had not one chance of winning. It was if he was thrown in the race for slaughter. Maybe they figured that Keyes even knew he had no chance of winning in Illinois but he would make it interesting given his orating abilities. It just puzzles me that Keyes went along with it. It's possible that he agreed in order to feed his ego. Obama has been roaming the US in "support" of various Democratic candidates. He is plastered all over the television and newspapers. Seems to me, that all of this is less about "support" of those candidates and more about promoting the "phenomenon" known as Barak Obama. Let there be no doubt that no sooner than Obama was elected he was being touted as a candidate for President of the US. There is alot of talk about Obama. Oprah wants us all to elect him President. The scary thing about that is there are thousands upon thousands that would agree with Oprah if she was to one day tell everyone that eating dogshit will make your hair straight and manageable. The only good side to that is that we all wouldn't have to step in shit anymore when we walk through a park. Oprah has power.......and it appears that Obama suddenly has power too.

We have all been told, time and time again, that if something sounds too good to be isn't. Obama may well be a decent person to a degree, but I wouldn't trust him one bit. I will stick with my own gut feeling about him. There is something eerie about him. There are certain things he says....or shall I say.....inserts into his speeches. He has said things that jump right out at me....and probably you too. When asked if he was going to run for President, Obama somewhat avoided a direct answer but mentioned that "when and if I do, the WORLD WILL KNOW"! Already, he is speaking not only to the small crowds on the campaign trail...but the WORLD. I see red flags going up. Warning shots being fired.....and sirens are blaring. We cannot stop the inevitable, but we sure don't have to make it so damned easy for our ultimate demise to be ushered in. Many people with deep religious convictions have Obama pegged as the antichrist. I would hope they are wrong. They spell it all out from the bible and it is very convincing. All I can say is be warned.........and if for some reason, Obama gets some sort of head wound and recovers miraculously, as it has been prophesied........Jesus help us!

I could be wrong, and I often am. The last thing I want to see is the antichrist getting down to business. As I said before......I surely do not want to make it easy for him, and I certainly do not want any blame for ushering him in.

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