Friday, June 22, 2007

Hollywood Comes To Baltimore

It's pretty hard to imagine that as I sit here writing this, thousands upon thousands of people will be at their local movie theater taking in "Evan Almighty" and they will be seeing my number one son, "Dash Riprock" up on the big screen. Imagine that!

For our family, he is the star of the the rest of the population, he is one of the "Capitol Policemen" who are summoned to remove Steve Carrell (Evan) from the Senate Office Building. I have not seen the movie yet but I am anxious to see my kid on the big screen. Who would have ever thought there would be a day like this.........must be another sign of the end...hehehe.

This is my son "Dash Riprock".............let's just say that his mom "Supernurse" and his dad "Signtopia" are very proud.

Dash Riprock has been fairly busy for a Baltimore dude.

Aside from Evan son was also involved in the filming of the latest Bruce Willis movie. I have no idea if we all get to see him or if he ended up on the cutting room doesn't matter.....he got paid....hehehe.

Another movie my son got involved with is "Invasion". Filmed in Baltimore, it stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig (James Bond).

In addition to all of the above stuff, both of my sons were very noticeable in the initial episode of "Commander In Chief" which was cancelled by ABC television but has now been released on case you missed it.
All I can say is that most people would be considered extremely lucky to get a part or be involved in a major motion picture..........and my son.....well...........see above.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sometimes You Have To Stop And Notice God's Work

There were several things I was gonna write about today that could be considered indications of our ultimate demise, but I decided that sometimes we need to pay attention to those things that have done nothing to contribute to any anticipated gloom and doom scenarios. Seriously, do not be fooled or assume anything.......I enjoy life, our planet, people, dogs, name it. I am not obsessed with the "end of the world" nor do I believe that any of us have any control whatsoever whether or not this planet survives. I DO look at all of it lightheartedly and with a laugh.

Even as ridiculous alot of things are, there are way too many things that are very saddening. If the ridiculous nonsense would just get out of our ways, we could actually have more time to enjoy our lives and enjoy the gifts of our Creator. Okay, what if you are one of those that would say to me "Creator?????..........we all came from a primordial soup!".......well, the soup is done, buddy and you hardly sipped any of it.

So, today, for everybody's sake......a brief pause in the roller coaster ride of human demise and let's all take a good look at some stuff that is beautiful and is nothing that we have created ourselves...........

This is what greets anyone that comes to my door.

We like petunias....these hang from our back deck.

The early bloom....ahead of the rest of the bunch...........nice!

Hostas..............and NO, it's not the name of something on the menu at Taco Bell.

This stuff gets thirsty just like we do.....there is something wonderful that occurs while you water the flowers..

No matter how hot is is.........they remain beautiful.

And they keep coming back........

Buds about to explode....everywhere......

You cannot put a price on this stuff.
So there you have it.............a bit of beauty........a pause is there to serve no purpose except for you to enjoy looking at THAT is a brilliant concept........I wonder who could have came up with that one?..........who? know Who!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day

I will be enjoying Father's Day again this year. I will be surrounded with my children and their children. We will have steamed crabs........mmmmmm. I wish my own Dad could be with us. He passed away quite some time ago and yet somehow he is still with us. I miss him very much.

1955 was a long time ago.
Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

UFO's, Space Stations and Other Mysteries

I was thinking about the many hours I spent participating on the internet chat program entitled "Paltalk". For the most part, I spent the majority of my time there in discussions about the Watchtower and its adherents, the Jehovah's Witnesses. I will blog about some of those discussions here in the near future. There is one thing though that frequently popped up in just about every discussion, no matter what night or day that I was on Paltalk................ufo's.

Often, religious discussions will occur where somebody comes along and mentions flying saucers.....and then there are those times when a participant announces to everyone that he is a bona fide alien from one of those flying objects. I remember one guy who was promoting the notion that there are lizard people coming to get us.......hehehe. There are all sorts of wacky people on the planet and there are legions of these people on Paltalk.

It has been over a year now since I last logged onto Paltalk. I can imagine that nothing has changed much there. Same old discussions and arguments...........and most likely........more wacky folks telling others about the lizard people coming to get us in their ufo's.

I would love to see a UFO........unfortunately, I do not live where they seem to be showing up. It would be fantastic if a UFO would hover over a ghetto in Baltimore..........wouldn't that be wild?
Instead, the people of Baltimore are left with police helicopters and Medivac copters hovering in the skies.........and way out there somewhere in the sky..............the multi-billion dollar space station. I was listening to a radio program the other night and a guy named Hoagland was being interviewed. He has been following closely the recent shuttle mission. Hoagland apparently has exclusive access to information about this recent escapade in space. What really caught my ear was when he said he had an exclusive about a problem with the space station. He said that the curled up piece of foam on the shuttle was "not" the real problem happening. What?
Now my ears have perked up. Well.......he said that the major media did not know about this specific problem because NASA had not given any press releases about official announcements. I find that very interesting.
Well, according to Hoagland, the scoop was that the computers on the space station were down. No way to control the gyroscopes.........the space station is basically spinning out of control! The shuttle jets were being used to steer the station and they only have so much power to keep doing that before they run out. This is amazing stuff! I wondered how long it would take for NASA to make this announcement.
Well, earlier today, I heard a report on the news that "fire alarms" had been sounding on the space station. It was allegedly in the Russian section of the craft and yet after thorough searches, no problem was found. I heard this and thought...."sounds like a bullshit warm-up to me". Then, later today, the big news broke. It was finally reported that there are problems with the computer systems that control the space station and operate the life support systems.
Amazing stuff. Here is the deal........if they do not get it fixed real will be "ABANDON SHIP!" ........that's right..........billions of bucks about to wander off into oblivion or at the very least find its good ole way into a fiery return to the planet. If that happens, we may all have something to see in the sky.............let's just hope it falls in an unpopulated area.

Hoagland said that NASA cannot find any momentum to proceed with any program to get us back to the moon as long as we are bogged down with the space station program. This is very interesting. I suspect he is suggesting that this recent "problem" may well be a planned event.

We will stayed tuned to this one won't we?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pollution and Waste

There are all kinds of pollution and waste and all of it contributes to our demise. What kind of devastating end would it be if it did not include tons of waste......destroyed stuff........and pollution?

Sheryl Crow suggested that we all start conserving energy by using one sheet of toilet paper when wiping our rumps. Brilliant! Why didn't she just take it all the way and go for the ultimate gusto by telling us all to just pinch our turds off with tweezers? Sheryl Crow must be in desperate need of attention.

Pollution and waste takes many forms......and not just the typical and usual stuff.
One example of waste and pollution is our tax system. For all of the efforts over the years, it just is insufficient and no longer worthy of our participation in it. I recommend we try something different and the Fair Tax plan makes sense to me. If you want to learn more about it, I suggest you visit or go to .

It is time to rid our lives of the pollution and waste of our current tax system.

Also, you might want to pick up the Fair Tax Book, by Neal Boortz. Read something worthwhile for once in your lives......hehehe.

Speaking of taxes..............if you like the current tax system and think it is might want to start encouraging everyone you meet to smoke cigarettes. The more that people smoke, the more money the government gets through the heavy taxes that are attached to the smokes.
Our government wants you to believe they really care about your health..........if you believe might want to wonder why it is illegal to spit on a sidewalk in some cities while there is no law stopping people from shitting on that same sidewalk.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Does Anyone Else Notice This Stuff?

It's really aggravating to read the newspaper, watch television news reports, etc. and realize that there are millions of people that swallow most of the horsecrap without thinking. I sit here and wonder sometimes if the powers that be.....all hold the same notion.....and that notion is that the majority of the population consists of morons, fools, idiots, and the naive.

It does stand to reason that there would be some morons, idiots, fools and the like.......but a majority? is stunning.

It doesn't take much to notice that all of the network news stations, whether local or national, obviously report the very same "news" each day. Same goes for printed news. Seems to me that they all go to the very same source for "news". It is as if there is some one group or person decides each day what the "news" will be that can be told to us. Maybe it is just me, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is some guy in a t-shirt somewhere that decides all of this. For me, that guy has to be the most dangerous person on the planet.

I understand how some "news" gets spread around. A "press release" is something utilized to get something started. However, I do not have a problem with that.......what I have a problem with is "who" might be behind some of these press releases. It is obvious that there is some entity that dispenses the "news", and it's obvious that the networks and papers do as they are told and report it to us all. Personally, I could care less about Paris Hilton......but somebody, somewhere, has decided that her recent escapade is the most important thing to report about and discuss. Maybe it's a diversion tactic. Pay attention to this kind of nonsense and you will be likely to not notice the real important stuff you should be worried about or need to know.

While we get countless hours of bullcrap about some rich media ho, people are getting murdered in Baltimore at a rate that, if it continues, there will come a time when only two people are left in the city.............a murderer and his last victim. Don't is that serious. Nobody cares about the dead in Baltimore. It is obvious that the national media doesn't care for you to know.....or should I say......the guy in the t-shirt doesn't want you to know. He doesn't want you to know that during a war, you should expect casualties.......death. He doesn't want you to know that there is no war in Baltimore yet people are getting killed EVERY day here. He doesn't want you to know that there is nothing that has ever been done that has been effective at minimalizing these casualties of city life. For some reason, he DOES make an effort to get reports out that more laws are needed to control the guns. I have trouble believing that kind of shit. This ain't paradise.

Let's see........more laws regarding does that work? Oh....I see......suddenly there will be a miracle after new laws are passed, which will.....all in one big swoop, impress the criminal mind so that they would stop using guns in their crimes. First of all, criminals BREAK the laws....they never adhere to them. Since when does it make any sense to expect that a criminal gives a flip about the law? It is bogus reasoning. The sad reality is, these laws will go further to implement a much more dangerous criminal where good people are defenseless and completely reliant on one entity or guy in a t-shirt.

This might sound ridiculous to some people. It isn't. I do not own a gun and have never considered it. More and more, as time goes on, I am starting to feel the need to have something at home to defend myself. The laws will make it difficult for me to defend myself. Those same laws will do nothing to keep criminals from doing what they do. I would bet that in any town where concealed weapons are legal for the average person such as I, the crime rate is lower than anywhere else. A criminal would be less likely to try something on me if he thought that maybe I have a gun or weapon to use against him. Instead, all we have is the threat that if the criminal gets caught, he will have to go through the "system". BIG DEAL! More and more, with each day, we are in less control of our own lives and welfare.........and it certainly seems that the guy in the t-shirt intends exactly that.

If that isn't a sign of the end.............then you must be part of the aforementioned majority.

Here is another example of bogosity:

........and I would bet there are about a million or so morons that would believe everything he says.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Amazingly, I have had consistent internet connections for the past few days. Let's hope this current trend continues.
This weekend in Baltimore in a community called Hampden was/is what is called HonFest.
HonFest is a celebration of things Bawlamerese. Baltimore has certain unique things about it and if you have ever seen a John Waters movie, then you have had some exposure to those of which is our way of speaking here. Mind you, Baltimore has seen a huge influx of yuppies from other parts of the country and they ain't what I am talking about here. I am talking about good old fashioned, die-hard, Natty Boh drinkin', Bawlamorons.
So, in honor of the HonFest, I will provide you here an example of some of the words you might hear when in Baltimore and not particularly understand if you are a tourist. is a quick "educational" moment of Bawlamerese:
If you get shot here or run over by a might need an "amblance".
At the "hospiddle", they might give you a "bandate".
In the morning, you might drink some "arnjuice".
Throughout the day, you might hear a "far injun" on its way to putting out a "far".
If you like rifles and woods, you might be a "hunner".'s the "Ehews Hon!".
Some do not live in the city limits, they live "atna cowney".
Like the trains, do ya? might find yourself visiting the "Be-en-ow" museum.
Your kids might color with "crowns" (crayons).
You might visit the "Enuck Pratt Lieberry" or take a ride up "Blare Road" (Belair Road).
If you have a car, you must have "cawr inchorens". You have inchorens "duddenyou"? He has inchorens "duddeney"?
The homes all have a "zink" (sink) and a "meer" (mirror) in the "baffroom", and all homes have "winders". Some of them have "chimbleys" (chimneys).
The streets all have "sores" (sewers). and when it rains it cqan be a the storm "shawr" (shower) and the "wooder"(water) sometimes "warshes" "starfoam" (styrofoam) into the "sore".
"Youse" (all of you) might eat a "sanwish"(sandwich) or when you have a headache...take some "azpurn" (aspirin) that you got at a "Sembeleben" (Seven-Eleven).
You might hear about a town to the "sowf" (south) of Bawlamer called "Klumbya" (Columbia) or a neighborhood called "Dundock" (Dundalk).
There are still some people from "Yerp" (Europe) and some of them are Polish "Cafflicks" (Catholics).
Our local "gubmint" (government) is responsible for the "payments" (pavements) that you walk on......and the "pleece" or "poe-lease" (police).
You might "arn" (iron) your clothes.
Your car might need "tars" (tires).
Whether you are in "Norf, Sowf, East, or West Bawlamer", it "duddent" (doesn't) matter, you might hear a "lonmore" (lawn mower).
You will want to be "goan" (going) "downey ocean, hon" to see the waves of the "Alannick Ehowshin)" (Atlantic Ocean).....but be careful of sunburn, so put some "ool" (oil) on.
Scientists perform "spearmints" (experiments) here in "Merlin" (Maryland).
There you have it folks........just a little sample of Bawlamerese.
Oh......and by the way........
On Mundee, Toosdee, Wensdee, Thursdee, or even Frydee, Satdee, or Sundee..........any day is better as long as you have some of the following:

'Til next "tymb", hon!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

This Is Very Frustrating

Did I mention how sometimes I have an internet connection and sometimes I do not?........well.........for some unknown reason, after a few days of being unable to log on to the wonderful world of the internet with my overused laptop, I have internet today and there was nothing that anyone did to make it happen..........imagine that.

Actually, it must be part of a bigger plan by somebody.....say Bill Gates (hehehe) to make people such as myself get so extremely frustrated with connectivity difficulties that the following will happen as a result:

1. I toss this computer out onto Interstate 95 where some tandem tractor trailer load of Chinese imports embeds this piece of frustrating wonderfulness right into the ruts on the inside fast lane.

2. That I would, because of this frustration, spend some money with Microsoft Support.

3. Cut to the chase and buy a new laptop with, of course, the newest version of Windows.

Until one of the above actually looks like I will just have to keep trying to occasionally log on, as it has been the past few weeks.

Odds are, this is all the result of viruses, trojans, name it.

And the odds are............this crap is NOT on my laptop because of some moron in a t-shirt with nothing better to do other than spread pc disease around the planet. I suggest it is all part of a big business plan......such as.......Bill Gates' Microsoft. After all, if what you have is the best, why would you need to "upgrade"? Progress?........maybe a couple times..........but every year? Nahhhh.

While I am in a griping mood today, here are a few more things I just have to get out of my system:

Okay, so you are he goes again..............but you just gotta know this: I am not going away on this one.........not until the Watchtower goes away. Alot of people would say, if asked, "Sure, I know a Jehovah's Witness." you don't. If you have some sort of gift from God that makes it so that you are able to make some sense out of the dain bramaged, then please come to the forefront and make yourself known to the planet. There are people out there that suffer and continue to suffer due to their having anything to do with the Watchtower Society.

If you are a Jehovah's Witness and reading this, do not misconstrue these words that you are actually reading, as being some sort of food for your ingrained need for your persecution complex. I will elaborate on this in the future. I am sure that what I have to share about this issue can at least help someone "prevent" some damage.

Just when you think you have something figured out and progress is being made, someone does or says something so absolutely unfathomable that it is hard to accept that it comes from an alleged intelligent being.

To be honest with whoever is reading this here, I just will have to stop this particular rant at this point before I get nasty. As I stated before, I will indeed be addressing Jehovah's Witnesses frequently stay tuned.

And now on to some other stuff:

Has anyone noticed this shit going down lately?..........or are there some people out there who are waiting for someone like Vincent Price to announce it?......well Vinnie's not around anymore to tell us this stuff, so we have to rely on another scary celebrity............

...........that's right.........Al Gore.
Jesus God, if this is the best authority on the planet in regards to our alleged self imposed demise, then there really is no hope for us at all......and thus.....yet another

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's Pretty Darn Good When A Son Takes His Father Somewhere

That's me and Number One Son, Dash Riprock........ and yes......we are at an Orioles game at Camden Yards.

Although it doesn't happen often enough, I do cherish these days when one of my kids says "Let's go to the game". Icing on the cake: the kid pays!

I never got to go to a baseball game with my own father, but I have been to quite a few over the years with my kids. I enjoy each and every moment of it.

The Orioles.
We need to have the name "Baltimore" on our away uniforms. It is long overdue.
We also need to kick up the play a notch. I am not complaining here, baseball is baseball...........but a winning season would be nice. I could never expect to ever see the Orioles put a team out on the field......the likes of Palmer, McNally, Brooks Robinson....Frank Robinson....Boog Powell, etc......ever again. Once you reach the ultimate, everything else can never compare. Good old 1966. Come to think of it, I seem to recall we had the name "Baltimore" on our uniforms back in 1966.

It was a pretty good crowd at the game.

When I took this photo, I could swear the batter had a bat in his hands.

Interesting eh?
Seems to be an epidemic.........maybe some deodorant is in order.