Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stuff That Makes You Wonder

Everyone loved The Wizard Of Oz movie. Everybody loved the Scarecrow character played by Ray Bolger. The Scarecrow was my own favorite.
Ray Bolger was known for his dancing skills. He didn't look like anyone else either.
Bolger and his wife of 58 years never had any children.
He was one of a kind.
One problem with that notion....
.....Ron Reagan Jr.
Whenever I see Ron Reagan Jr. on tv, I can't help but think of the Scarecrow in the Wizard Of Oz. I am not saying that he "looks" like a scarecrow......what I am saying is that Ron Reagan Jr. "looks" like Ray Bolger. The pictures shown below seems to make it fairly clear that something must have been going on back in 1958.

<-----This is Ray Bolger
This is Ron Reagan Jr. ----- >

As you can see for yourselves, Ron Reagan Jr. looks a heck of a lot more like Ray Bolger than he does Ronald Reagan. Consider this.......Ron Reagan Jr had a career for a while as a dancer. Ronald Reagan was not a dancer. Ray Bolger was a dancer. Let's try this.....maybe Ron Jr looks more like his won't work..........Nancy Reagan was a decent looking woman all of her life and she has never looked like Ray Bolger. Also, it certainly appears that Ron Jr's political views have absolutely no resemblance to those Ronald Reagan ever had. I have no idea what Ray Bolger's position politically was, but if I was a betting man................well, you know.


  1. Anonymous4:25 AM

    ron reagan jr plays obama along with jfk jr & jerry sienfeld. satns winston isnt dead

  2. Anonymous4:26 AM

    harry conick jr looks like reagan sr