Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Observation

Some people can fool some of the people some of the time but they ain't fooling me.

Haven't you noticed how many women are starting to look bizarre? Their desire to look good is a good thing, but when it gets out of control and becomes an obsession it goes a bit too far. I am sure that there are some instances where a person actually needs some work to try to fix up some damage that may have occurred from a health problem or an accident, but when that is not the case and these "enhancements" are overdone in order to feed some sort of obsession with their looks, that's when I take exception to it. You would think that at least someone in their families would tell them to stop at some point.

I am positive I will recieve at least a few snide comments about this. I understand. Do me favor though..........include a picture of your own over-enhanced mug and I will be glad to share it with everyone. Odds are, you would look extremely similar to those below:

Case in point.........Joan Rivers. She no longer looks human. I think she has the ability to laugh about it though....just like ole Phyllis Diller did all those years. By the way.....lest there be any confusion.......the above picture is not Nancy Grasmick of the Maryland State Board Of Education. (hint hint.......look at that huge smile)

Of course, to be fair here, I might want to mention Barry Manilow....but I have already mentioned him previously. There are others as well........ever seen Dino the piano dude on the Trinity Broadcast Network? are guilty of this surgical obsession too. People need to just accept the fact that humans age.....some more gracefully than others. Unfortunately there are many who will judge you by your natural appearance and that only gives fodder to those obsessions with plastic surgery. Let's "face" have gone way too far if your face can no longer show any emotion. If you happen to be considering a little nip and tuck of your own, be careful to not become obsessed with it.....or you might end up looking a bit "alien".

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