Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry - The Moron Of The Week

I decided to start a thing called "Signtopia's Moron Of The Week Award". Needless to say, there are alot of morons to choose from. This week isn't even over yet and after today's news reports, I doubt that anyone could be more moronic than John Kerry. He has shown again why he was the Democrats choice to run for President in the last election. He has shown us all again, why he lost. He also is reminding everyone exactly why the Democrat Party has pretty much gone down the tubes. Everybody has a right to free speech in this country and John Kerry is no exception. The big problem is, for a person in his position of power and influence, none of us need to hear him utter obvious anti-American bullcrap. It's almost as if he decided that he wasn't getting his fair share of media attention with all of the talk about the various candidates, that he intentionally spews out his verbal diarrhea......and voila! His ugly ass mug is all over the place again. Seriously, John Kerry is an "elected" official in our American government. He is supposed to represent the people that elected him (regardless of their political persuasion). He just so happens to sit on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee! The last thing we need during a time of war, is some idiot politician such as John Kerry, spouting off with very public insults and attacks against our military. Of course, John Kerry is now trying to suggest it was a "joke" about the President. Sorry MORON......the President just so happens to be the Commander In Chief of our MILITARY! This is the last straw with John Kerry. It is also the last straw for the Democrat Party. I am not hearing any apologies.......and if apologies suddenly start firing out rapidly, I ain't buying them. Way too late. So just HOW did this MORON get elected to any office? Oh........I remember............the people of Massachusetts get alot of the blame. That's a shame, too. John Kerry, the voice of Massachusetts.............no, wait.............the "other" voice of Massachusetts........we cannot forget about that other prime moron Ted "When I returned, Mary Jo and the car were gone" Kennedy.

It IS all over Ted. You and your cohort Kerry have showed us all, repeatedly, what you really are and how you do things. The kicker is, both think they are untouchables. So far, they have been re-elected and re-elected by the people of Massachusetts for some unknown reason. (maybe it was stuff like the BIG DIG) The State of Massachusetts has produced two of the most anti-American moron politicians in history. They must be proud. Now we really know what Kerry thinks of your sons that are in our military (for whatever reasons). I wouldn't be surprised to see John Kerry go over to North Korea and party with Kim Jong Il. I also wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that Kerry and his wife have vested interests in Venezuela.

Gay pride? or just "happy" Democrats?

So there you have it.........



Witnessing- Jehovah Witness Gets Saved

There was a booth at the local flea market in Raleigh, NC. A young girl named Kena got a lady named Kristina to stop and take an intelligence test. Kena then tried to transition to talking about spiritual things and eternity. She turned it over to this guy once she found out Kristian was a JW. Watch what happens next...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Two Good Reasons To Put YOUR Jack-O-Lantern On The Back Porch

Happy Halloween!
Here are two of the best and most creative pumpkin carvings I have ever seen.
You simply gotta love it!

I still have NOT recieved my absentee ballot. Time is running out. I need mine by Thursday and reports are that I have a better chance getting hit by a bus in the produce section of the grocery store.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mexican Wall Painting

When I was in Cancun, Mexico, I stayed at the RIU Caribe all-inclusive resort hotel. I was drawn to this artwork which was on the wall in the lounge area of the main lobby. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it, so I had to take a picture of it. It was hand painted and appeared to be three dimensional. This type of artwork always appealed to me and it sort of reminds me of the kind of stuff you would see in the late 60s or early 70s. Another interesting thing about this particular painting is that an airbrush was not used....it was all done by brush. I have no idea why this particular image was used on the wall there in that particular place, nor do I know why there are so many eyes. Surely it must have some sort of significance. The RIU Caribe hotel was utterly destroyed by a hurricane and their official website indicates that they have rebuilt completely since. I bet this artwork is still there.
todd rundgren - free,male & 21

Todd Rundgren Live at BB Kings

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween Party

Go ahead...........knock on my door........hehehe.

We had a nice time tonight. The kids all had fun. Plenty of snacks, assorted foods and drinks, lots of decorations, and great time was had by all.

I didn't get everybody's picture but here are a few of the early birds.

She loves her Pop-Pop......even if he is scary looking.

It's all about the kids, and they were enjoying it.

Number Two Son in his Elvis Mysterio getup.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The Tables Have Been Set In Corrupt Maryland Politics

Here I sit......waiting and waiting. I have been expecting something in the mail for quite some time now. I should not be surprised that I am still waiting.........I saw this nonsense coming. Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich, who is running for re-election, announced today that the voting situation is approaching "crisis proportions". It is pretty frickin' bad when a sitting Republican Governor of a heavily Democrat state has to come out with such a statement. The tables were set prior to the primary election. Preliminary excuse spinners were whining on television that the new Diebold voting machines would be a problem. As I stated previously, I used them in the primary and I cannot for the life of me see why anyone would have had a problem. The anticipation of the upset of the political machines here in Maryland prompted campaigns to set up excuses for losing......long before any vote was cast. The media reported problems with the voting machines and not enough alternative paper ballots.......long before any precinct reported any results. I saw it coming.

Because of these events, there has not been very much confidence in our election authorities. Even Gov. Ehrlich himself said he would have earlier fired the State Elections Chief Linda Lamone if he had the authority to do so. We are left to wonder just who CAN fire these morons? If this wasn't bad enough, apparently many of the motherboards in the Diebold machines were replaced back in 2005 because of alleged problems of systems freezing up. That was interesting. The State Board of Elections claim to have not been made aware of those particular problems or the "repairs". Something is very rotten in Denmark.....and it stinks to high hell.

To add insult to injury, we have a really huge problem now. With no faith in these machines, record numbers of registered voters have applied for absentee ballots. I applied for an absentee ballot because I will not be in the State on Election Day. So far, I have yet to see a ballot come in the mail and time is ticking away rather quickly. Without the ability to send in ballots on time, most of these voters might just stay at home and not vote. If that happens, the Republicans surely have no chance of winning in Maryland. The Democrats practically rely on poor voter turnouts. Gov. Ehrlich indicated that there may not have been enough absentee ballots printed. This is not good. The rat is really getting smelly now............it just so happens that the company that is to supply the absentee ballots is none other than............Diebold! Imagine that. Diebold is the firm with the contract. Word is that Gov. Ehrlich has repeatedly asked Lamone to get some other firm so that we will have enough ballots......it looks like that hasn't been done. At this point, the damage has been done. 5 out of 24 jurisdictions are in need of ballots. Looks like Baltimore County is one of those. Go figure.

Here is the icing on the stale cake............WBAL-TV reported that an absentee ballot "mix-up" happened in Anne Arundel County. (Look at all of the red flags, Martha!) A resident of Anne Arundel County was sent an absentee ballot intended for Baltimore City. I am a reasonable person............I can accept that sometimes stuff like this isolated incident happens........but it gets more irritating the more we hear from the election officials. Officials said that they do not know how the mix up happened.........got that?.......they DO NOT KNOW. Remember that one. WBAL reported that these same election officials said they "THINK IT WAS AN ISOLATED INCIDENT". In other words, they are not sure. These same election officials claim that the "double-check" each ballot before stuffing it in an envelope for mailing. Yep, that's what they said. These same election officials said that the main difference between an Anne Arundel County ballot and a Baltimore City ballot is the names of the candidates! This kind of stuff is proof that our education system has completely failed us. WBAL reported that the election officials said they are not used to having to scan all the way down the ballot to verify the county and that they had "NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE"!!!!!! Lame excuses. An Anne Arundel county election official offered this excuse...........someone at the printers slipped the ballot into her shipment by accident. (How creative) The same official said she didn't think there would be more problems, yet she is OVERWHELMED by the EXHAUSTIVE PROTOCOL that is now part of the election process. (If I shake my head anymore than this, people will think I am doing a Michael J. Fox impersonation.) The Anne Arundel County Elections Director also said the following......."It has to do with the technical requirements, it has to do with the security, it has to do with the requests that the whole world vote by absentee ballot, which, I'm sorry, but I have confidence in the system, and I would like to see voters go to the polling places to vote." This official wants us to vote in person while candidates on both sides urge the use of absentee ballots!

WBAL-TV managed to get contacted by Diebold. They said that the "old Baltimore County ballots" were left at the printers and "accidentally" got mixed in with Anne Arundel County ballots. I ain't buying that excuse. I don't know why Diebold is even mentioning Baltimore County......the problem was with a Baltimore CITY ballot!

So here I sit.......still waiting for my ballot and I am in Baltimore COUNTY and I leave the country on November 3rd. By the way............I forgot to mention this other little barrage of shenanigans........during the primary election, 10 percent of Baltimore City's 290 voting precincts opened up more than an hour late. Some election judges never showed up at all, and some of them never got placed in a precinct by officials. Remember......Baltimore is heavily Democratic. One of the excuses was that there were not enough Republican election judges in Baltimore. Law requires that a certain minimum number of election judges be Republican. I suppose this rule is for fairness....a balance in the election officials. Two weeks ago, Baltimore City election officials said that up to this point in time "we recruited like 470 new Republican judges. Democratic judges we have cut off because the recruitment is up to about 2,200." Doesn't that sound peachy?

The table has been set. It's enough to make people not want to vote........and that is EXACTLY the plan.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Something To Remember During Your Next Fill-Up

This is funny, but it ain't so funny. I noticed on the news that Exxon Mobil Corp. announced that its profits rose to 10.49 billion dollars in the 3rd quarter. This is the second largest quarterly profit. By the way, Exxon Mobil Corp. is the world's biggest oil company. The largest quarterly profit came last year in the fourth quarter. This kind of news is proof that all of us have been ripped off bigtime and there is no end in sight outside of some sort of cataclismic act of God........then again, wasn't Hurricane Katrina one of those? Oh well.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Movie Recommendation

One day I was looking for a good movie to watch. I wanted to see something unusual...something serious.....something of quality. I wanted to watch a movie that would capture my full attention. I wanted something different and I found it by accident. I always hated watching foreign movies that were subtitled in English. Reading the text always seemed to distract from the film. I found this movie called "Character", a Dutch film with subtitles. I gave it a chance and I was completely taken in by the whole thing. It was like watching a Dicken's book. The cinematography, the acting, the script, the story, all made it as if I was there. It's not the happiest of movies, in fact it is rather dark, an edgy feel, but a story of determination and love. I understand this film won an Oscar and I would have to say it definately deserved it. I would imagine this fim is available on dvd. Do yourself a favor.....get it. You will not be disappointed. After watching this film, you will aways remember the character of Dreverhaven and he will have his place in your memory much the way Scrooge is remembered by all. Enjoy!


The picture above is from a publication distributed by Jehovah's Witnesses. The "brochure" entitled "What Does God Require Of Us", has this rendition of paradise. Of course, in their view, all of the people in the picture are Jehovah's Witnesses. If you know nothing about Jehovah's Witnesses or the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of NY, you probably would come across this picture and think "that's nice". Let's analyze this a bit more carefully.

Right off the bat, you can't miss the lion sitting there and he has a beach ball. Lions with beach balls in paradise? Also, umbrellas. Apparently, in paradise, you can still get a sunburn. It isn't raining and it looks pretty sunny in paradise. Everybody in the picture is smiling. No kids are crying about the lion that isn't sharing the beach ball. Also very noticeable are the various ethnic attire each person is wearing. Not your usual door to door type of garb. You wouldn't see anything like this in a kingdom hall. This scenario is put before us in contrast of the current scenario of a Jehovah's Witness existence. They look forward to it. You cannot blame them. They are instructed to be "no part of the world", which means, a very limited wardrobe. You won't see a Witness with a mohawk or long beards. In paradise, maybe they won't have to shave anymore.......but I bet they will still go to alot of meetings.

Ok, OK.........you might wonder......"why is this guy mentioning Jehovah's Witnesses so often in his blog?"............here goes........As it happens, I am very familiar with the teachings and practices of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Don't get me wrong here, it was not because of any interest on my part. As it was......I have three sisters and two of them were sucked into the destructive cult group. As it is now.........neither of them are Jehovah's Witnesses any longer. One sister was in it for 30 years. I cannot begin to tell you how much damage this cult inflicts upon its followers. Sure, those who are currently in it would disagree with me. If you asked all of those who are now free from Watchtower bondage, there is no doubt that they all pretty much agree. I could go into details here, but I won't. But I can tell you that entire families are affected. I intend on pointing some things out here occasionally. I will share some stories. It will be easy for some to say "you do not know about us" and that's okay, I understand why you would say that. Once you are out of bondage, you will be able to think before saying such.

The best way to come to any conclusion about any so-called "religious group" is to become informed about them by reading their writings and speaking to them face to face. I can safely say, that it cannot be denied that the Witnesses fully know that every thing they do, why they do it, and how they do it, and when they do it....is all fully documented. Ultimately, the source of information about Jehovah's Witnesses or the Watchtower, comes directly from them. If I ask a Witness a question, and they give me an answer, oddly enough some other alleged Witness will try to say it's a lie or that the person that answered might not be in good standing. Nonsense.

So this is a tip-off here. I intend on sharing some information. Some ain't gonna like it and some won't understand why I would bother. Even the Watchtower Society, itself wrote.."any organization that claims to be the Truth, should be able to withstand any and all scrutiny". Most people have no clue about the lives of Jehovah's Witnesses. Most only know them from the knock-knock routine. "Nice people"...........yeah.......nice people. My view on this is.....since they have the audacity to spread propaganda to everyone, and insult all of Christianity in the process.....I figure somebody has to show the hypocracy and lies.

If you are currently a Jehovah's Witness, you have my sympathy. If you are a former Jehovah's Witness, welcome back to reality. Paradise isn't so perfect after all.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Michael Steele

This is a no-brainer. Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele is my choice for Senator. He deserves a chance at the job. I like everything he has said during the campaign. He will be the first black from Maryland to hold such a position. Likewise, it was because of Robert Ehrlich choosing Steele that he was the first black to hold the position of Lieutenant Governor. The Democratic party has claimed all these years to be the party for the black community, yet they had not produced any positions of power for them. It took the Republican party to accomplish the job. Furthermore, as I stated in a prior blog entry, Ben Cardin has been a career politician in Maryland.....a 40 year career! It's time for him to go away quietly. I will also be giving Robert Ehrlich a second term as Governor. I like what I have seen so far of him and it makes good sense to give him more time and see what transpires. Maryland deserves progress. We want honorable and respectful people in high positions. Like it or not, a State IS big business and it takes certain kinds of people to run it efficiently. Forget the pollsters, they never call people like me. Every year I have been somewhat ashamed of Maryland's representation in Washington. The politicians get elected and re-elected year after year and I didn't have anything to do with putting them there. I want to see at least one of them actually do something which benefits "all" of us Marylanders. We are at war, and its not just any war....it's a war on terror. When I see my "alleged" representation in Washington go up against our President, strictly because of his political affiliation, it disgusts me. Shame on them. These politicians have much to say about the number of deaths of our soldiers in Iraq, yet could not care one bit about the amount of murders or violence on our own streets. I have been watching them, they have been in office, and they remain silent and unaffected. Shame on them. Crime is not a "local" problem.......it's a NATIONAL PROBLEM. I can guarantee you this, until some of this crime in Baltimore happens personally to a Senator or Congressman, they simply will not give a hoot. It should not have to come to that. As for Baltimore, I predict that one day, it will merge with Baltimore County government and become one big metropolitian government. I cannot see Baltimore surviving without the tax base that once existed there. When I graduated from high school, the population was double what it is today. Baltimore has not only been just treading water, it has been sinking faster and faster. Sure there are some bright spots, but not enough to stop the flow of exiles. In the meantime, Baltimore will just get worse. Consider the Orioles that have their baseball stadium in downtown Baltimore. The majority of people that attend the home games are not from Baltimore City. The majority of fans come from Baltimore County. No wonder that you won't see the name "Baltimore" on the Orioles uniform. In fact, officially, they are just "The Orioles". It's very hard to finance a decent school system when your tax base has left town. Shame on O'Malley, he had every opportunity to at least try to make Baltimore home again for many Marylanders, and he has failed. Some could say that the recent "renaissance" of some city neighborhoods such as Canton, have been progress. Some could say that the condos aong the Inner Harbor have brought people here to live. The problem with that is those people are not Baltimoreans........most of them are refugees from Washington DC. This city was not ever their home. In quick time, these same people will head for the county line, for the same reasons others have left. Fresh victims for a city that has less of a chance for rebound than a shoeless midget on crack playing basketball. Just look at the condition of the streets and sidewalks....disgusting. Yet I love Baltimore. It's my hometown and there is nothing I can do about it. It is just not safe.

Pretty bleak isn't it?

Religion Is A Snare And A Racket

One day last week I was sitting by my kitchen window looking outside and noticed a car had come into the neighborhood and parked nearby. It was a fully loaded Buick....loaded that is...with three women and a male driver. The driver looked to be about eighty years old and was wearing a fedora. He stayed in the car while the three women started "working" the neighborhood. What I have just described here could easily be a description of a pimp and his entourage of hookers. I will give you the comparison later.

The women went to each home and appeared to be putting something in each door. I didn't see them speak to anyone. I sat there watching them come nearer and nearer to my house. "Come on.......Make My Day!", were my words as they came to my side of the street. I knew they were the Jehovah's Witnesses and I knew exactly what they were doing in the neighborhood. I had not seen any of them in quite some time around here. That's probably because they will encounter me when they come. It takes a good period of time to go by before some uninformed dubs have the good fortune to call at my door. On this day, though, they weren't knocking on anyone's door. It was the "hit and run" routine. They walk up...jam a "brochure" in the door, and move on. Jamming a brochure in a door is called "placing". Aside from the occasional politicians during election time, the only other people putting stuff on or in your door are local carryout shops hawking pizza and subs and chinese delivery. In other words, given 99 per cent of it you could just call it "trash distribution". What these women were distributing fits right into that same category. I got up out of my seat and headed for my front door as soon as I saw one of the women start up my sidewalk. I listened behind the door, and as soon as she opened my storm door, I popped open my main door and startled her. After her initial look of being stunned, she immediately went into the typical routine Jehovah's Witness look on her face........you know the look......the false smile and glassy-eyed stare. Our conversation, if you can call it a conversation, went as follows:

Me: Hello, why didn't you knock?
JW: I didn't want to bother anyone today. We are just putting some information in everyone's door.
Me: Oh really? You are a Jehovah's Witness, are you not?
JW: Yes!
Me: OK, then we have much to talk about then.
JW: I do not have time today, maybe another day would be good.
Me: That's unusual. A Jehovah's Witness that doesn't seize upon the opportunity to discuss the bible?
JW: We can talk about the bible, yes. What kind of bible do you use?
Me: I would use any bible with the exception of two.
JW: Which two are those?
Me: The Satanic Bible and the New World Translation.
JW: Why wouldn't you want to use the New World Translation?
Me: That's a fairly long story, but to put it simply, you DO know what even YOUR bible says about those that add to or take away from what is written?
JW: Yes, I do.
Me: Case in point, John 1:1

(The JW woman just stands there and smiles.)

Me: I see the old guy with the hat in the car.
JW: Yes.....that's Brother.......
Me: He's and elder isn't he?
JW: Yes
Me: One of those Overseers or something.
JW: Yes.
Me: Call him on over and we can have a nice discussion, He ought to know alot of stuff, him being in such a position.
JW: Yes, he does.
Me: You might want him to help.
JW: We do not have the time today, maybe another day.
Me: That's all well and good, but what if the world ends before we get to discuss it? Then what?
JW: I know, but......
Me: Why are you really out today then?
JW: We are just.........
Me: Placing.
JW: Yes.....placing these with people.
Me: Well, placing in the doors actually.
JW: Yes.
Me: Why at this time of day? It's almost 3 o'clock.
JW: We try to come by when we think people will be at home.
Me: As you can see, there are hardly any cars around here right now. In fact, I am the only person you have found to be home.
JW: Yes.
Me: And you said that you would have to come back another time to talk with me.
JW: Yes.
Me: That does not make any sense to me.
JW: I really do have to go.
Me: I am sure you do. The old guy in the car is watching.
JW: Yes he is.
Me: You wouldn't want him to think anything bad would you?
JW: Oh no, I wouldn't
Me: Maybe you want to talk, but the old guy in the car doesn't want you to talk.
JW: We can talk another day.
Me: Can you bring the old guy with you? I would really like to talk to him.
JW: I can try.
Me: That's wonderful. I have a couple things to ask you before you go.
JW: Yes.........they are all waiting for me in the car now.
Me: Okay.....this leaflet you have here.
JW: Yes, its something we are giving out for you to read.
Me: I know.
JW: People can take their time reading it and......
Me: Take their time?.....it's only three pages....a five minute read at best.
JW: I....uhhhh
Me: I have questions already and all I did was glance at it.
JW: Yes....but....
Me: I know, you have to go.
JW: Well it was nice to talk with you.
Me: Yes......even though you didn't have time today to talk with me.
JW: Yes.
Me: By the way......you know about Prince, right?
JW: I know the Prince, yes, I do.
Me: Not THAT Prince........the Prince with the purple high heels......the singer, musician Prince.
JW: Oh, yes...I have heard of him.
Me: He is a Jehovah's Witness, did you know that?
JW: It could be that he is coming to learn about Jehovah.
Me: No, he isn't "studying", he IS a Jehovah's Witness.
JW: Okay.
Me: Ever here of Jerry Hairston Jr?
JW: No, who is he?
Me: He is a baseball player, used to play second base for the Orioles, now he is on the Texas Rangers. He has been a Jehovah's Witness all his life, did you know that?
JW: No.
Me: I would have thought you would have heard about that.
JW: No, I didn't.
Me: When you come back, we will talk about the book of Revelation. You would like that wouldn't you?
JW: The Revelation book?
Me: Well.....not necessarily THAT book, but the one in the bible.
JW: Yes.
Me: Alrighty then......you better get going lest you get in any trouble......you know.....the old guy is watching.
JW: Yes......I will be back.
Me: God Bless
JW: You have a nice day.

For a woman that did not have time to talk to me, it took some time to "place" her leaflet.
I felt bad for her. I knew she was not all that smart. She was most likely not a "pioneer", and surely not permitted to discuss anything deeper which would require the briefcase of assorted books for support. Also, she was alone at the door with me. Witnesses work in teams of two. This woman was most likely just cutting her teeth under the scrutiny of the elder in the car. Putting in required time, accumulating brownie points. It is sad.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are under the control of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of NY. The second president of the Watchtower Society, "Judge" Joseph Rutherford once said in a speech......."Religion is a snare and a racket". He knew it then, and the same holds today. The sad part is that the Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT led to understand that such a comment is also about them.

About that leaflet or brochure...........The End Of False Religion Is Near............One could hope, couldn't they?

The purpose of "placing" these leaflets without sticking around to discuss it, is that they have the hope that someone will bite and contact them. Their membership is down. In the areas where they have had some growth, it has been minimal compared to other groups. This activity is the equivalent of fishing. Set out the bait and hope for a nibble. As to it not being one of their magazines, the Watchtower or Awake!, placing all of those in every door would be too expensive. Its far cheaper to place the leaflet. It's all about money and not the saving of souls. It's all about business. Even the pimp and his hookers are in business. The pimp sets out his bait......and sits back to see if anyone bites. No wonder its called the oldest profession...........and some things never change. A snare is a snare.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Sometimes You Have To Wonder

Every time I see Ann Curry of NBC's Today Show, I am reminded of Tony Orlando. I don't know if he is old enough to be her father, but it appears that he could be related to her in some way.
Here is Ann Curry. Now picture her with a moustache...........

See what I mean?

Is anyone else tired of seeing old fogies on television that think that if they continually bend their necks forward that it will look like they have more hair?

Jack Cafferty, of CNN, is one of those. See how it appears that half of his face consists of nothing but his forehead? I would love to see him tilt his head back. Also, if he keeps up his present pace of whining about the President, MSNBC might offer him a better deal than CNN. It's a shame. When I first saw Cafferty appear on CNN, I thought he was pretty good. I liked his delivery and I thought they ought to use him in a larger role and give him more airtime. Well, CNN did give him a larger role and more airtime, except not in a resemblance to historical televison anchordom. It appears his position now is as a propagandist, and that is such a waste of talent. I channel surf quite often, and I do stop on channels that look to be offering something decent. These days, when I check on CNN while surfing channels, if I see Jack Cafferty's mug I keep surfing for something else. If I want to watch a miscasted old man on television I would just watch........well..........I cannot think of another miscast old man on television.......maybe Cafferty isn't miscast after all. Looks like if it ever happens that a Democrat becomes President, Cafferty will be unemployed............and that might be the only good thing that could come out of that scenario.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Deja-vu All Over Again

Sammy & Dory (My Number Two Daughter's "girls")

It was another Sunday and it just so happened that the Ravens had a "bye" week. Nice opportunity to sit back, relax in the recliner, and not piss and moan at the home team. As things go, I found myself in a deja-vu situation. My daughter had called me and she was wanting me to come to her football game at Patterson Park. Number One Son also called that his team would be playing too. The planets must have aligned or something because they would be playing against each other. They both joined the Baltimore Sports & Social Club Touch Football program. It's a decent way for young people to get exercise and socialize at the same time. After a deep search for a parking space, I arrived at the field and that's when the deja-vu happened.

I spent many years watching each of my children participate in activities such as football, soccer, baseball, cheerleading and wrestling. It was either at their schools or for some recreation department programs. I even had the good fortune to coach some of their teams. I always tried real hard to be involved in their lives. It was never ending....constantly on the go.....our daily schedule was entitled "Mayhem". I enjoyed every minute of it and I know they appreciated it. After a certain point in time, their focus is no longer under parental control and I was enjoying a nice long period of "breath". The kids were either working or off doing whatever they choose. Finally, they had grown up. So here I was, standing on the sidelines again.......just as I had done when they were little, rooting them on, and keeping the fingers crossed that they wouldn't get hurt. (Yes, even old dudes do that) What goes around comes around. Instead of my own dogs at the game, it was my daughter's dogs this time. Sammy & Dory, both bulldogs, and very good ones at that, were well behaved.

Standing there in Patterson Park, my thoughts went back to a time when I was a little boy. It was the late 1950s and I lived only a block away on Fleet Street. Our neighbor was like a grandmother to me. She would take me to the park often to feed the pigeons and squirrels, play on the swings, and stroll along the paths that wind through the park. It is sacred ground for me. Some of my happiest and best memories as a kid. It is different at the park now. I do not feel a sense of safety as I did back then. Rapes, cops getting shot, robberies, and an occasional tv weatherman being nabbed for soliciting an undercover police officer for sex, is par for the course these past several years. Yet, during the football game, the only reminder of such was the wailing of Baltimore City police cars speeding by towards the northern side of the park.

Activities like this in Patterson Park are helping the park survive. The more that decent people use it, the less thugs there are. I doubt it can ever go back to the way it once was, but there is a certain sense of safety in numbers. For an hour and a half, my mind roamed to previous times as I watched my kids play. We have all been through alot. I had not imagined that, at this stage, my kids would need me to watch them play.......imagine that........they really need me. I hope they know that I need them as well. I needed those phone calls asking me to come to the game. It was the best day I've had in a while.

(Damn I am getting old!)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Civilizations Often Vanish

"Sorry,I didn't mean it, but the resulting flatulence from
that Mexican food is devastating."

There I was in Quintana Roo, Mexico.....at the ancient Mayan site called Tulum. I never would have imagined that I would one day be standing there. This place has a long history and most of the structures still stand to this day. Its location is one that has been hit frequently by hurricanes. For the most part, the Mayans pretty much vanished. What is left of them can be found cleaning hotel rooms and serving food in Cancun. You cannot tell by looking at the photo, but it was very very hot that day. If you happen to take a vacation in Cancun, you must make a point to go see Tulum. If you feel like Indiana Jones, you might want to make arrangements to go several miles into the jungle and visit the ancient ruins of Coba. The route to Coba will make you appreciate everything you have ever had. The road alone will have you on edge. As the road takes you through the jungle, you can't miss seeing how the inhabitants live there. "Poor" is not a word for it. I cannot imagine how any of them survive hurricanes. I can't imagine how they have survived ...period. We take alot of things in our lives for granted, and these people may never have that opportunity. Once in Coba, you will need to visit a restroom....and they have a "facility" for tourists there. You get in line and before you can enter the bathroom, you pay the little lady sitting there for two sheets of toilet paper. That's right.......TWO sheets of toilet paper. From that point, you enter the area of the Coba ruins. It is simply awesome. A reminder of a civilization that once was. A civilization that had sporting events in arenas where the winner was castrated. This kind of stuff was never taught to us in school. Go see it for yourselves, it puts your life in perspective. I would go back in a heartbeat.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Out Of Nowhere

The "savior" of our world? I don't think so. Barak Obama is being touted as the best thing since butter. I would rather have butter. The media seems to be loving this dude. He says all the right things and says it perfectly. In fact, he has come out of nowhere and taken a very speedy rise to fame. The political equivalent of a rock star. Half white, half black. He won an election in Illinois......so what? I find it very suspicious that his opponent in that "election" was Alan Keyes. We all know Alan Keyes. Keyes is a Marylander and a Republican. It was ridiculous for the powers that be to recruit Keyes to run for office in a State that he had not lived in. Of course, such tactics is not new to the political arena........have you forgotten about Hillary Clinton? Hillary was conveniently "placed" in the State of New York. Both political parties have done this stuff, but the Keyes selection was very odd. He had not one chance of winning. It was if he was thrown in the race for slaughter. Maybe they figured that Keyes even knew he had no chance of winning in Illinois but he would make it interesting given his orating abilities. It just puzzles me that Keyes went along with it. It's possible that he agreed in order to feed his ego. Obama has been roaming the US in "support" of various Democratic candidates. He is plastered all over the television and newspapers. Seems to me, that all of this is less about "support" of those candidates and more about promoting the "phenomenon" known as Barak Obama. Let there be no doubt that no sooner than Obama was elected he was being touted as a candidate for President of the US. There is alot of talk about Obama. Oprah wants us all to elect him President. The scary thing about that is there are thousands upon thousands that would agree with Oprah if she was to one day tell everyone that eating dogshit will make your hair straight and manageable. The only good side to that is that we all wouldn't have to step in shit anymore when we walk through a park. Oprah has power.......and it appears that Obama suddenly has power too.

We have all been told, time and time again, that if something sounds too good to be true.....it isn't. Obama may well be a decent person to a degree, but I wouldn't trust him one bit. I will stick with my own gut feeling about him. There is something eerie about him. There are certain things he says....or shall I say.....inserts into his speeches. He has said things that jump right out at me....and probably you too. When asked if he was going to run for President, Obama somewhat avoided a direct answer but mentioned that "when and if I do, the WORLD WILL KNOW"! Already, he is speaking not only to the small crowds on the campaign trail...but the WORLD. I see red flags going up. Warning shots being fired.....and sirens are blaring. We cannot stop the inevitable, but we sure don't have to make it so damned easy for our ultimate demise to be ushered in. Many people with deep religious convictions have Obama pegged as the antichrist. I would hope they are wrong. They spell it all out from the bible and it is very convincing. All I can say is be warned.........and if for some reason, Obama gets some sort of head wound and recovers miraculously, as it has been prophesied........Jesus help us!

I could be wrong, and I often am. The last thing I want to see is the antichrist getting down to business. As I said before......I surely do not want to make it easy for him, and I certainly do not want any blame for ushering him in.

Maryland Politicians

Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer (D) made the news for something, and that is worth noting since he doesn't seem to be doing anything otherwise on any given day. Hoyer said that Senate candidate and current Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele (R) is "slavish". Good ole boy Hoyer is bringing new meaning to the term "minority whip" ain't he?

Speaking of Congressmen..........every time I see Dutch Ruppersberger (D) I cannot help but think of Lou Costello. Hey Abbbbottttt! I have to wonder if ole Dutch will ultimately follow the lead of other Maryland Democratic Politicians and one day tell the world "I have been a bad...bad...boy".

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Trick Or Treatment

What a grandfather won't do for his grandkids.
THAT was last year. I have no idea what I shall be this Halloween. I do not have the long hair anymore. I got the long locks cut off as part of an agreement with my mother-in-law. She was diagnosed with lung cancer and didn't want to get the chemotherapy nor the radiation treatments, so I bargained with her. I told her that if she would agree to get the treatments, that I would donate my 16 inches of hair to "Locks Of Love". As it was, she went to her first treatment and I went to get my haircut. She is doing pretty good today, after a summer full of treatments, the doctor's say that the cancer mass is gone. She has beaten cancer three times now in her life. Her great-grandchildren have her around a little longer now. In the meantime, my hair keeps growing back, except that it's more grey now than ever before.

The Times As An Indicator

I check out www.drudgereport.com and www.boortz.com everyday. I saw the above picture on the Boortz site. For some reason it seems possible that there is someone who has a set of dentures exactly like that. God knows I have probably bumped into them in the candy aisle at my local grocery store.

Today on the Drudge Report, I found two snippets of news regarding the New York Times. The first report was about how their profits were down. I usually wouldn't give a hoot about that, but as I continued reading the main page of headlines, another news item with the New York Times cited as the source, caught my eye......"NYT: Be Prepared For Chaos On Election Day; New Machines, Lines, Confusion....." My first thought was......here we go again. I have voted in every election since the age of 18. Thirty-two years worth of voting. In thirty-two years, I have NEVER, NOT ONCE, went to my assigned polling location and found a line except for one time. That one time, there were only three people waiting for their turn to vote. That's not much of a line. Regarding the "new machines"........we have them. They ain't so "new" now since we used them for the primary election. Not one problem as far as I could tell. You would have to be a complete idiot to not grasp how to use those machines in a half minute's time. I don't buy the bullhockey about the "new machines". I think its just being used as an preliminary excuse for political failings.........setting up the tables...so to speak. "Confusion".......I don't buy that one either. I have NEVER seen anyone at a polling place roaming about with a confused look on their face. Nobody scratching their heads and wondering. Nobody confusing the restroom with a voter booth. "Chaos"........The only thing that could resemble chaos at a polling place would be the ridiculous amount of campaign signs and political supporters that inundate you as you approach. Oddly enough, there are more of them there than there are people actually voting at one given time.

So why is the New York Times spewing out this nonsense? To create fear so that you and I might NOT VOTE on election day. That's right. Liberals know full well that they have more success in elections when less people come to the polls. The Conservatives know that they have more success when voter turnout is higher. That's a fact. The Times doesn't want us to vote. Trying to scare us away is not gonna work. Here is the deal............the Republican Party already figured this scenario here in Maryland. They knew the "new machine" excuses were coming, so in anticipation of this...they have not only encouraged people here in Maryland to vote...but to vote using ABSENTEE BALLOTS! That's right.......the evil absentee ballots. Most people have the idea in their heads that absentee ballots are to be used only by voters who will not be at home during the election. Maryland voter regulations has no such requirement. I have applied for my absentee ballot and shall wait for it to arrive by mail. It would not surprise me to hear about an article from the Times or the Sun, that we cannot put much faith in the US Mail......or an article stating the chaos that arrives with the use of a pen or pencil in the confines of your own abode......or maybe even an article alleging that the sudden onslaught of excessive amounts of absentee ballots will overwhelm the postal service and there are not enough mail carriers and that they will be confused by it all.

The bottom line is......business hasn't been very good for the New York Times. Aside from their own personal scandals, the booming internet has pretty much decimated newspapers around the country as we all knew them. I have mentioned this before. The idea that the New York Times is influential may be correct. Such nonsense has influenced me to not buy their product. They will not get a dollar from me. It is obvious that they want to try to steer this election. They do not drive my car, they do not clothe my kids, and they do not put food on my table. They certainly will not prevent me from voting. It looks like they have no idea why profits are down.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Observation

Some people can fool some of the people some of the time but they ain't fooling me.

Haven't you noticed how many women are starting to look bizarre? Their desire to look good is a good thing, but when it gets out of control and becomes an obsession it goes a bit too far. I am sure that there are some instances where a person actually needs some work to try to fix up some damage that may have occurred from a health problem or an accident, but when that is not the case and these "enhancements" are overdone in order to feed some sort of obsession with their looks, that's when I take exception to it. You would think that at least someone in their families would tell them to stop at some point.

I am positive I will recieve at least a few snide comments about this. I understand. Do me favor though..........include a picture of your own over-enhanced mug and I will be glad to share it with everyone. Odds are, you would look extremely similar to those below:

Case in point.........Joan Rivers. She no longer looks human. I think she has the ability to laugh about it though....just like ole Phyllis Diller did all those years. By the way.....lest there be any confusion.......the above picture is not Nancy Grasmick of the Maryland State Board Of Education. (hint hint.......look at that huge smile)

Of course, to be fair here, I might want to mention Barry Manilow....but I have already mentioned him previously. There are others as well........ever seen Dino the piano dude on the Trinity Broadcast Network? Yep......men are guilty of this surgical obsession too. People need to just accept the fact that humans age.....some more gracefully than others. Unfortunately there are many who will judge you by your natural appearance and that only gives fodder to those obsessions with plastic surgery. Let's "face" it.......you have gone way too far if your face can no longer show any emotion. If you happen to be considering a little nip and tuck of your own, be careful to not become obsessed with it.....or you might end up looking a bit "alien".

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nothing Like A Little Honesty

U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski............hmmmmmm..........she's very short yet has a very loud voice.........and still yet has been very very quiet about certain things. The last time I checked, there has been no evidence that she is secretly a nun in disguise. From my observations, she reminds me of Rosie O'Donnell....except for the fact that Rosie has been very vocal about certain things. Personally, it doesn't really matter what her personal lifestyle is.....but a case could be made that she is in a position of influence in this country and she owes it to Americans to be up front about it. Sure, Mikulski has managed to get re-elected repeatedly despite not being able to tout a loving spouse or children she may have raised, as other politicians do. Her constituents haven't seemed to care much about that stuff. It's like having an old uncle that never got married and never appeared to ever have any ladyfriends.......ahhhhhh its your uncle and you like him even though he has been more celibate than most popes. But if you actually asked your uncle, you would expect some sort of response. There has been speculation about Mikulski over the years. I might could understand why a man would not come forth if he ever had dated her. I certainly can't imagine that Mikulski would have gone all of this time miserably alone with no companion other than a dog or cat. After all these years now, and given all the recent talk in the media regarding sexual behavior of our Senators, my own curiosity is up. If Mikulski cannot be honest about it, I then have to wonder what other things she has not told us. Of course politicians are quite adept at not telling us things, and yet they feel the need to tell us what they believe we should agree with them about. Hmmmmmm.....I have to think about that last comment.......... all of the Senatorial closets have not been emptied.


Today, The Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick announced that Offensive Coordinator Jim Fassel is fired. Sure, Fassel carried with him some history of success, but his recent history with the Ravens does not reflect that. In the NFL, you cannot wait and wait and wait for success. Teams have to make moves every year in order to try to better themselves. As in baseball, if the team sucks, the manager gets the axe. Also in baseball, if the pitching sucks, you put a coach in place to try to improve things. The Ravens tried to improve things when they replaced Matt Cavanaugh with Jim Fassel as offensive coordinator. Up to this point, the term "offensive" has had new meaning......not the "offensive" that fans expected. This was a no-brainer decision. Fassel had to go. The monkey is on Billick's back now, with no excuses for failure. I understand that Billick will now replace Fassel with a person that was known for his offensive prowess. That replacement is none other than Billick himself. We will now see if Billick can really shine. I hope he does and I will be rooting for him. His job is on the line. The owner expected Billick to change after the end of last season. Billick was able to keep his job by agreeing that changes were needed in how he runs the show. Perhaps the firing of Fassel is an example of that. You have to think he got some pressure as well from the front office. I can't blame them. Go Ravens!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Why I Will NOT Vote For Ben Cardin

Ben Cardin has given up his current job in government to run for another one. Congressman Cardin (D) of MD wants to be a Senator now. Ben Cardin has held political positions in government for 40 years now. The general public would be hard pressed to name one great thing Cardin has accomplished. The Baltimore Sun newspaper announced today that they are endorsing Cardin for Senator instead of Michael Steele. I am not surprised by this at all. The Sun obviously has the "more of the same ole, same ole" ideas in politics as it has in its own world of news reporting. The Baltimore Sun has been fading and fading continually here in Baltimore. Its obvious biases and ultra-liberal slant was a factor in my cancelling my subscription. The Examiner entered the scene in Baltimore and the Sun is fading even more with competition. It was interesting to be bombarded with teenagers at my door that were hired by the Sun to try to attract subscriptions. Each time, I would ask them "why" I should subscribe....and each time, they would respond with "the coupons on Sunday". That is very telling isn't it? A "major" newspaper can't get its salespeople to tell us why we should read their product yet they have the audacity to try to tell us who to vote for. Amazing.

As for Ben Cardin, sorry Ben.....you need to retire. After 40 years you should have accomplished more than just a few things. That we don't even know what those few things are, is an indication those things just are not impressive for 40 years of effort. It's time to give someone else an opportunity to shine.....you had more than a fair share. I have narrowed down my options to Lt. Governor Michael Steele (R) or Zeese the Independent candidate for Senator.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Commander In Chief

Number One Son & Number Two Son Pictured Above With Gina Davis.

It's a small world, and with each day you never know what can happen. As it was, my number one son had been getting some work as an extra on HBO's The Wire which shoots here in Baltimore. He has been used by them so frequently that he is now sometimes listed as a cast member. It also happens that he makes friends easily and because of his inherited charm...hehehe....he got a call to be involved with the filming of what was to be the pilot episodes of Touchstone Pictures "Commander In Chief". They needed some help and he was the one that could help. He was hired on as "military consultant" for the scenes that were to be filmed at a local cemetery. They also needed a bunch of guys to portray the color guard for the funeral of the President scene. My son rounded up as many friends and aquaintances he could to do the job. One of them happened to be my number two son. The scene had to be done right and number one son accomplished exactly that. It was lots of work involved for a mere few seconds of film. In the process, they both got to meet Gina Davis and Donald Sutherland. I remember getting phone calls prior to the filming. On the caller ID it would say "Touchstone Pictures". It's not everyday that anyone would see that on their caller ID. The woman that was calling would tell me how great my son is and how he had impressed them with his abilities. Call me a proud dad. How many people can say both of their sons were in a major television program? Maybe a career is blossoming, maybe it won't. One thing is for sure.......both of these guys will always be stars to me.......and of course, "I" am their "director".

Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's Almost Time To Vote

Here we go again. November is coming quickly and the day is coming when you actually get to have some input in who allegedly will represent you in Washington. Actually, it's the day when you get to choose from people that their respective political parties decided you get to choose from. That's not much of a choice. I have suspected for many years that we have all been hoodwinked into thinking that there is more than one political party. The evidence is in the results or should I say lack thereof. Some people will vote for whoever is the candidate for their party, regardless of who he is, what he has done, or whatever he looks like. Some people will vote for whoever tickled their ears the most.....making promises that sound great on the surface but impossible to fulfill. Others will simply vote for whoever is the "cutest" or "better" looking. (Doubt that?......Ask John Kerry how much he spent on make-up and hair-dye.) Those people that do that ought to just stay home. More others will vote with no clue as to who to pick right up the the last second....deciding merely on a guess.....a kind of voter's russian roulette. Even more others will vote for the candidate that promises to address a specific issue...even though that same candidate would probably otherwise be a very bad choice regarding 99% of all of the other issues that need to be adressed. Those voters need to stay home as well.

I will be voting in November. Unfortunately I will not get the opportunity to use the new computerized voting machines because I will be out of the country on that day. Instead, I get to submit an absentee ballot. What worries me about this is that in every election somewhere in the USA somebody will either mess up the count and not include the absentee ballots, or......given the historical shenanigans of the political machines in this country, some of the absentee ballots may conveniently dissappear. I do not trust any of them and I have no way of verifying if my vote gets counted.

I think voting is a very important tool for the average citizen if used wisely. Politicians that go around thinking they are entitled to be a Senator or Congressman or even a Governor because they happen to be in a family that produced politicians or married into one, need to be held in check somehow. We actually have the ability to hold these people in check. Surely you should know that if you had a successful career as an artist, your son or daughter may not have the ability to draw a decent circle with a pencil. The logic, that offspring from a certain lineage would produce equal or better than the fathers, is faulty as all get out.

I found one way to try to make a difference. I am a registered Democrat here in Maryland. The Democratic Party believes that they are pretty much guaranteed that all of the registered Democrats will vote for their candidate. In fact, they count on it. You might ask how that would even be a way to hold them in check. I vote in the primary elections and vote for whoever I think the party would least want as their top dog in the final election. If enough people did that, it would really upset the political machine. Messages need to be sent to these political thugs. Secondly, I try to vote for candidates that are excluded from televised debates. Whenever a candidate is excluded, as several were here in Maryland, from a debate, I have to wonder why that is. Some of these political organizations who sponsor and set up debates, such as the League Of Women Voters, have the audacity to even make more narrow the field of choices that you and I have to choose from. That kind of activity is the equivalent of tampering. Oh......they would say "we excluded those who had no chance of winning" or "we excluded those whose poll numbers were less than the required numbers to qualify for the debate". This is ridiculous stuff and you would expect such bullcrap from the mafia or some other group that would try to make it so you have no say in any matter. We need to change our election process. We need groups like the League Of Women Voters to not have the ability to aid and abet the poitical machines. It should be mandatory that there are at least five public debates prior to each election and those debates would include ALL possible candidates from ALL possible parties. That is the only FAIR way to do it. Such a change in the process would put the voter back in control. Until that happens, folks like me have to vote like we do, in hope that we run some interference.

As I am writing this installment to the blog it just so happens that there is a televised debate airing on Maryland Public Television. As it happens, the League Of Women Voters is the sponsor again. As it happens, there are only two candidates for Governor of Maryland debating. Governor Robert Ehrlich (R) and Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley (D). As usual, the general populace will not ever be told if there are any other people running for Governor. We are only permitted to pick between two. That's all we are allowed to know about. Honestly, I wouldn't believe for one minute that either of the two are actually the very best possible people for the job. Surely O'Malley isn't. If O'Malley is the best that the Democratic Party can come up with, well, this must be the latest proof of their demise in the State of Maryland. I wouldn't say that Ehrlich has been the best Governor either, but I have come up with my own policy regarding these politicians.

The policy is......if you get elected, we allow you one term to try to accomplish something. We allow you the first term to get the feel of the position as well. If you didn't accomplish one thing in that first term....you are out of there. If you accomplished one thing, then you get a second term due to the fact you are now more familiar with the job. Think of it as a second chance. That's it, no third chances. End of story. As to those fat cats in Washington.........same policy. People are supposed to get elected to "serve" us. They are not given a "career". Quite simply, you yourself could never hold down a job for years and years while doing nothing to deserve it. Politicians should be held no differently. By the way......have you noticed how many Senators are millionaires?........and they would tell you they needed that raise......shame on them! Vote them out!

While I am at it, I may as well mention the passing of US Rep Gerry Studds (D) at 69 (no pun intended) years of age. The first openly gay congressman. Studds managed to serve TWELVE terms! The same Studds that was involved in a teenage page sex scandal. That scandal was somewhat glossed over and forgotten about.............but.................how did THAT happen? I hear that Democrats are outraged over the current Foley scandal. I just couldn't understand this until I read that Studds was from Cape Cod.........that's right, folks........Massachussetts! Yet another Massachusetts politician. Where was Ted Kennedy during all of this stuff?........well......he was probably teaching his nephew (William Kennedy Smith) a thing or two while they were romping around the Kennedy compound in West Palm Beach. The people of Massachusetts must be proud.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stuff That Makes You Wonder

Everyone loved The Wizard Of Oz movie. Everybody loved the Scarecrow character played by Ray Bolger. The Scarecrow was my own favorite.
Ray Bolger was known for his dancing skills. He didn't look like anyone else either.
Bolger and his wife of 58 years never had any children.
He was one of a kind.
One problem with that notion....
.....Ron Reagan Jr.
Whenever I see Ron Reagan Jr. on tv, I can't help but think of the Scarecrow in the Wizard Of Oz. I am not saying that he "looks" like a scarecrow......what I am saying is that Ron Reagan Jr. "looks" like Ray Bolger. The pictures shown below seems to make it fairly clear that something must have been going on back in 1958.

<-----This is Ray Bolger
This is Ron Reagan Jr. ----- >

As you can see for yourselves, Ron Reagan Jr. looks a heck of a lot more like Ray Bolger than he does Ronald Reagan. Consider this.......Ron Reagan Jr had a career for a while as a dancer. Ronald Reagan was not a dancer. Ray Bolger was a dancer. Let's try this.....maybe Ron Jr looks more like his mother...........no...wait......that won't work..........Nancy Reagan was a decent looking woman all of her life and she has never looked like Ray Bolger. Also, it certainly appears that Ron Jr's political views have absolutely no resemblance to those Ronald Reagan ever had. I have no idea what Ray Bolger's position politically was, but if I was a betting man................well, you know.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can't See The Forest For The Trees

Just what in the hell was Clinton Secretary Of State Madeline Albright thinking when this picture was taken? Did she think she was meeting one of the stars of Hawaii Five-O? You remember Kam Fong as Chin Ho....well this guy ain't no Kam Fong. Leopards never change their spots. We all know why the North Korean thug was smiling so much, don't we.

In case you have forgotten already, this is Madeline Albright chumming it up with Kim Jong Il. Maybe they should have gotten a room. What is it they always say?.........we do not negotiate with a terrorist. If they weren't negotiating, then they must have agreed on everything. They both look very cheery to me. For what good reason would a representative of the USA agree with this guy? What does he bring to the table? All I can say is this......when you vote, remember what party condones this sort of stuff. The tables were set for Kim Jong Il to behave as he behaves today. You can't blame this stuff on our current leadership. Shame on them.

Somebody needs to explain to me why John Kerry sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Commission. Have you ever looked at the list of people that sit on that committee? More on this stuff another time.
I have to wonder about people. Especially the people of Massachusetts. I have no clue why they keep re-electing Ted Kennedy. The democrats are whining all over the place about some republican sending e-mails to a "staffer". That's right, personal pages are "staffers" as far I am concerned. No different in the case of Mary Jo Kopechne. She wasn't a page, but she was democrat staffer. Teddy and five other men took Mary Jo and five other women out for a night of partying. Teddy was married at the time. We all know what Teddy was up to. We all know that Teddy and Mary Jo were alone for a while too. And we all know that Teddy appears to have a heavy drinking problem, still to this day. Drinking problems are no excuse for a dead passenger. His nose alone tells that story. While Teddy and his cohorts criticize others, they don't want to remember their own history. This is hypocracy at its highest form. Its time to send Teddy into retirement. He has made enough money off of all of us. With his money and his family's ability to make scandals dissappear, there is no telling how many other Mary Jo Kopechne's are out there. Teddy is the 900 lb elephant in the room that people seem to think is entitled to his position. It has to be the name Kennedy. Yep, that's it. Look at their track record. Scandalous affairs......heavy drinking....drug abuse......wrecking cars........yes...wrecking cars. You forgot about the Kennedy that hit a barricade in DC.....didn't you? Let's bring this notorious political machine to a halt.

As to the e-mailing pervert that got caught..........you wanted him out and I agree...now why is it taking so long to get rid of Teddy?
I have a great idea.............maybe Teddy should be forced to retire on the Mexican border. Imagine the "big dig" that would get going. Hmmm........I forgot about John Kerry..........yep....Massachusetts again...........that explains it.