Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Movie Recommendation

One day I was looking for a good movie to watch. I wanted to see something unusual...something serious.....something of quality. I wanted to watch a movie that would capture my full attention. I wanted something different and I found it by accident. I always hated watching foreign movies that were subtitled in English. Reading the text always seemed to distract from the film. I found this movie called "Character", a Dutch film with subtitles. I gave it a chance and I was completely taken in by the whole thing. It was like watching a Dicken's book. The cinematography, the acting, the script, the story, all made it as if I was there. It's not the happiest of movies, in fact it is rather dark, an edgy feel, but a story of determination and love. I understand this film won an Oscar and I would have to say it definately deserved it. I would imagine this fim is available on dvd. Do yourself a favor.....get it. You will not be disappointed. After watching this film, you will aways remember the character of Dreverhaven and he will have his place in your memory much the way Scrooge is remembered by all. Enjoy!

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