Monday, October 02, 2006

Ever Wonder?

You should never fart while wearing a wet-suit.
I saw this on another website and figured it was good enough advice to share it with you.

And now, some more things I have noticed.........

The above picture is of actor Alastair Sim. He is a must-see every year at Christmas time. I don't know if he ever got an award for that performance. If he didn't, he should have gotten one. His Christmas morning scene was a tour de force and has yet to be equalled.

For me, he was the best Ebenezer Scrooge ever.

I always think of Alastair Sim whenever I see this celebrity...........

The above picture is NOT a young Alastair Sim!

It is, of course, Ellen DeGeneres. If they ever make a movie about Alastair Sim, maybe they can get her to play his part. I bet she wouldn't mind acting in a male role.

I wonder if Ellen Degeneres is related to Alastair Sim. After all, Alastair Sim once did play a role in drag. He was Miss Fritton, the headmistress in the Belles Of St. Trinian's. Maybe one day, all of Alastair Sim's movies will be shown on cable t.v.

It is irritating to see those commercials hawking the new Barry Manilow recording of hit songs he never had.

It started off with Rod Stewart. When your career is fading and record companies are not happy with your sales numbers, some moron gets a notion that it would be a good thing to have you sing some very old songs. Little ladies would like this stuff, and apparently they did. So ole Barry must have figured, "Hey, if Rod could do it with a throat that sounds terminally sore, I could do it with a bad hip." Except this time Barry must have figured Rod's songs were too old. So he decides to do some golden oldies of a less distant era. There is a market for not so ancient little old ladies. I would rather hear the originals. I want butter and not a "tastes like" concoction. A record company gets the big bucks and Manilow gets some exposure for his act in Vegas.......easy money. The original artists shoud get the money. Get your own tunes, pal. Manilow recently had hip surgery. I wonder if Barbra Walters has had hip surgery too.

I suppose you could say that Barry Manilow is a pretty good entertainer. Little old ladies really like him. I always thought he would have a career in Vegas. I imagine he could add some impersonations to his Vegas act. Hmmmmmm........let's see......he could start with a little old lady...........Barbara Walters!

Next time you watch The View, try to watch it with the sound off and while you have a Manilow cd cranking out from your stereo. Go ahead....try it.

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