Monday, October 23, 2006

Sometimes You Have To Wonder

Every time I see Ann Curry of NBC's Today Show, I am reminded of Tony Orlando. I don't know if he is old enough to be her father, but it appears that he could be related to her in some way.
Here is Ann Curry. Now picture her with a moustache...........

See what I mean?

Is anyone else tired of seeing old fogies on television that think that if they continually bend their necks forward that it will look like they have more hair?

Jack Cafferty, of CNN, is one of those. See how it appears that half of his face consists of nothing but his forehead? I would love to see him tilt his head back. Also, if he keeps up his present pace of whining about the President, MSNBC might offer him a better deal than CNN. It's a shame. When I first saw Cafferty appear on CNN, I thought he was pretty good. I liked his delivery and I thought they ought to use him in a larger role and give him more airtime. Well, CNN did give him a larger role and more airtime, except not in a resemblance to historical televison anchordom. It appears his position now is as a propagandist, and that is such a waste of talent. I channel surf quite often, and I do stop on channels that look to be offering something decent. These days, when I check on CNN while surfing channels, if I see Jack Cafferty's mug I keep surfing for something else. If I want to watch a miscasted old man on television I would just watch........well..........I cannot think of another miscast old man on television.......maybe Cafferty isn't miscast after all. Looks like if it ever happens that a Democrat becomes President, Cafferty will be unemployed............and that might be the only good thing that could come out of that scenario.

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