Monday, October 09, 2006

People We Can Do Without

Bob Turk has been the weatherman on Baltimore's WJZ-TV since the early 1970's. If he had any other job he would either be retired or forced into retirement. I am sure Turk is a nice guy. He is known as the "Sunshine Kid" at the station. Personally, I think we can do without him. The weather situation here in Maryland is not such that it should require more than one weatherperson to dish it out during the six o'clock news. Maybe the people that run the station are being too nice in that they are loyal to Turk and want to let him go a little at a time. Turk recently went through cochlear implant surgery because he was becoming deaf. His surgery is said to be a success, but I have noticed something about Turk that has been getting worse and worse with each day that passes. His voice goes through what I call the "Vince Bagli Syndrome". Vince Bagli did the sports reports on another station many years ago. He had been around a very long time and during his last few years on television his voice would fade away. He would start every sentence with vigor and clarity and three or four words into a sentence he would fade into some sort of muffled jumbo mumbo. It was very frustrating to try to listen to him. Now the same thing is happening again, this time with Bob Turk. When I put the six o'clock news on at six o'clock, I expect to get some news right away. Instead, EVERY time I put WJZ on during that hour (channel surfing), they always have Bob Turk mumbling on the screen like Barney the Purple Dinosaur wearing a muzzle. Sorry Bob, it's time to retire. At least, maybe you can reduce your air-time to weekends only and give someone else a chance at a career. I have also thought about this situation from another angle as well. I thought, well, maybe the people in the studio can actually hear Bob Turk clearly, and the problem is either in the type of microphones used, the placement of said microphones, or lousy sound technicians . Might as well rid everyone of those as well, lest the next weatherperson sounds the same.

I know that some people out there would say, "You cannot touch God's annointed". Oh yeah?, well somehow I doubt that God's annointed would be one whose fashion statement is to bring back the Nehru jackets and collars. I have other reasons for just not liking or trusting Benny Hinn. First off, he should leave the singing to others. When he sings, its like hearing Elmer Fudd's cousin. Secondly, he slaps people around. I know some are a bit sensitive about this activity and believe what they see him doing. I do not buy into it. I might consider thinking hard about Benny Hinn if he showed up at local hospitals or perhaps even on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon on Labor Day and slapped the afflicted into better health. But he cannot do such a thing. I was told, that such healing only works if you "believe". Well, I happen to "believe" Benny makes a lot of money off of suffering and vulnerable people. I just can't see Jesus doing that. Sorry need to go away.

One down....and one to go? Star Jones has gone away for now......but to replace her with Rosie O'Donnell? For the love of God, what were they thinking at ABC? If we have to see either of these two on television anymore, make it a pay-per-view event and have them both fight and scratch each other until they both give up and promise to never be on tv again.

I didn't mean to scare you with the picture above. I know its almost Halloween. If you or I had a job and looked or sounded like Helen Thomas, they would probably pay us to go away forever. Enough Already!

I have no idea why Madonna even has a career. If you are an alleged singer/musician, why in hell do you have to keep coming up with bizarre controversial gimmicks to attract attention? Maybe its because you haven't any talent. Surely Madonna has made enough money that she can go away comfortably. Her problem has to be one of two things. Either she is 100% ego and thinks people sit around waiting for her to make some sort of statement....or.....she is simply greedy. The crucified Madonna act is the last straw. Hey Madonna, on your next tour, pretend you are Marie Antoinette..........I think alot of folks would get a kick out of seeing you actually lose your head.

Can anyone please tell me how this guy got a job in television?.....or maybe he is just a puppet of some tv exec. I would rather see Mike Douglas reruns than see Carson Daly on any show.

I remember that in school, there was always some vertically challenged smart aleck wisenheimer in the class. Nobody liked them then, and nobody likes them now. Bob Costas needs to go if NBC ever has any hope for the future.

NEW RULE!.............Go Away! Speaking of smart aleck wisenheimers, Bill Maher is another person we can do without. Television at its worst. I bet he was beaten up by classmates in school on a daily basis. Obviously not much of an actor....(check the few shows and movies he has been in).......he had some success as a comedian of sorts. He was fairly good at it until he morphed into what he is now. I guess when you lose whatever talent you once may have had, you get desperate and try to appeal to some niche group that exists out there. I don't think the majority of people are in the niche group that Maher appeals to.............unless I am wrong about the number of idiots on the planet. I would hate to see Maher lose work though........Hey WJZ-TV people...I think I found someone to be your sound technician!

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