Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Common Sense

I make a point of checking out Neil Boortz' website every day. You have to like it when somebody with some common sense says the very things that you yourself would say. Yesterday, Neil mentioned the border problem with Mexico. To just hear people talk about this stuff on news reports doesn't put it in the proper perspective. The graphic shown above DOES. Surely you can remember the USSR and how most people felt that it would always remain intact. Recent history has shown us that even the "unchangeable" can change in a heartbeat. For many, it is unimaginable that the USA could ever fall apart as the USSR did, yet the pieces are being put in place for that sort of end as we speak. Take a large chunk away from our territory and it won't be hard to bust up the remainder. There is an excellent analogy that Boortz gives regarding the border issue. His analogy is that if you have mosquitoes in your house, the FIRST thing you do is shut all of the windows and close all of the doors. The solution that many of our politicians are suggesting is the equivalent of closing one window and leaving the rest open. The world has changed and we are gonna have to change along with it. While we once took pride in having open borders, we need to take pride in protecting our homeland. This is a very serious issue that if ignored any longer, it will be the demise of this country.

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Baltimore Ravens Update

Yep, that's Steve McNair. I think obtaining Steve McNair was a good idea. I have a hunch that McNair knows how to play the game. I think he knows what he would like to do on the field. After watching the Ravens for five games so far this season I have come to one obvious conclusion.........NO amount of great players with great skills is ever gonna make any difference on the Ravens until the right changes are made in the coaching staff. The Ravens have done pretty well historically with no offense. We rested on the laurels of having one of, if not the best defensive teams. Our defense even scored for us, but we would like to see the offense step up to the plate and get it done. Everybody called for the head of Matt Cavanaugh and rightly so. Without him, things were supposed to improve. Even better, when they replaced Cavanaugh with Jim Fassel, this was supposed to be a bonus....a gift from the football gods. Going into two years now with Fassel calling the plays has done nothing to increase offensive output. Back to McNair............McNair is a gamer and should not be held back to the whims of someone like Fassel. Even Billick should be able to agree with me on this one.

For a few games there I watched the Ravens come from behind in the last moments of the game and pull off a win. The reason we can rely on Matt Stover's foot for points is that coaches are not involved in how Stover kicks. They only decide "when" he gets to kick the ball. McNair is not in such a position where the coaching staff sits back and lets him do his thing. I suspect that during those last minute drives downfield our success was all because of decisions made by McNair on the fly. I can see where we move the ball much better during that time of the game. Otherwise. our offense has come to be so predictable that even someone like myself can anticipate with 98% accuracy what the next play will be. If I can do that then it is obvious the opposing teams can figure it out too.....and they have. Our offensive numbers in the first three and a half quarters of each game tell the story plainly. It is safe to say that Fassel will remain with the Ravens to finish the season. He aspires to become a head coach again. Fassel is reported to have said "I called the plays last year and I will call the plays this year". I am not impressed. Billick managed to keep his job for another year. If Biscotti lets Billick go after this season, and I hope he doesn't, he is gonna have to come up with a better coach to replace him. He can rule out Fassel and Cavanaugh.

On the other hand, both Billick and Fassel can come out smelling like roses if they just let McNair do his thing. In spite of the offensive troubles, I still think our defense and Matt Stover's foot can carry us most of the way. Relying on the defense may have worked before, but it makes for alot of worry.

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