Saturday, October 21, 2006

Civilizations Often Vanish

"Sorry,I didn't mean it, but the resulting flatulence from
that Mexican food is devastating."

There I was in Quintana Roo, the ancient Mayan site called Tulum. I never would have imagined that I would one day be standing there. This place has a long history and most of the structures still stand to this day. Its location is one that has been hit frequently by hurricanes. For the most part, the Mayans pretty much vanished. What is left of them can be found cleaning hotel rooms and serving food in Cancun. You cannot tell by looking at the photo, but it was very very hot that day. If you happen to take a vacation in Cancun, you must make a point to go see Tulum. If you feel like Indiana Jones, you might want to make arrangements to go several miles into the jungle and visit the ancient ruins of Coba. The route to Coba will make you appreciate everything you have ever had. The road alone will have you on edge. As the road takes you through the jungle, you can't miss seeing how the inhabitants live there. "Poor" is not a word for it. I cannot imagine how any of them survive hurricanes. I can't imagine how they have survived ...period. We take alot of things in our lives for granted, and these people may never have that opportunity. Once in Coba, you will need to visit a restroom....and they have a "facility" for tourists there. You get in line and before you can enter the bathroom, you pay the little lady sitting there for two sheets of toilet paper. That's right.......TWO sheets of toilet paper. From that point, you enter the area of the Coba ruins. It is simply awesome. A reminder of a civilization that once was. A civilization that had sporting events in arenas where the winner was castrated. This kind of stuff was never taught to us in school. Go see it for yourselves, it puts your life in perspective. I would go back in a heartbeat.

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