Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's A Hockey Thang

There I was...........freezing my beard off. Me and Supernurse were invited to watch number one son, Dash Riprock aka Todd Ovechkin, attend hockey practice at Ice World. Did I mention how cold it is at Ice World?

Better them than days of activities of reckless abandon are over and done with.....for the most part. These days, I get to sit on the sidelines and wince and cringe as my son is enjoying flying down the ice chasing people with sticks. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hockey........but this can be a bit nerve racking with your own son on the ice.

I always told my sons to try things out and see if they like it. If they never tried....they might regret not ever having done so when they get too old to try. Well......maybe sometimes your kids might not want to take your advice....hehehe......but seriously, I am impressed.......he has done rather well on those skates.....better than I could have done. Even Supernurse seems to be pleased........not so much in regards to his performance on the ice....but the fact that he still has his teeth and nothing is broken.

Sometimes parents of venturesome kids must do the right thing and show some attention.......even if they have to freeze their asses off doing so.

All of that being said, me and Supernurse couldn't be more proud of our kids.....each and every one of them......for many many reasons........and on this particular night......delighted to be able to see one in action.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

They May Be Smiling Now........But.......

Here's the latest picture of my four grandkids. Good looking bunch of fartknockers, ain't they?

They may be smiling now......but.......our government....well....let's say......those morons called politicians, are doing their darndest to ruin life as we know it and pass an unbelieveable debt to the kids shown above. Soon enough, my grandchildren will become old enough to understand what is happening and they will acquire such a hatred and disdain for the political system in this country that it will take probably a century to get to any point of trust of any political entity in any form. I already have this disdain and hatred in me and I cannot help but feel helpless. It is very frustrating to not be able to change anything for their benefit. Sure, I could call the politicians who allegedly represent me and my kids.......but we have all seen very clearly how good that does. These political morons do exactly the opposite of what the people want.

It is a sad day. These are sad times. And it didn't have to be this way.

Shame on those politicians. Shame on them. They should all be tried for treason...........but the big problem with that is that the judicial system favors these political puppets and they would simply walk off with a ton of money. Perhaps a revolution is coming.........perhaps a revolution is needed. Those who bought into the "change" spiel of Obama were fools. Maybe our society is made up of a majority of fools. I wasn't fooled by Obama, he never got my vote. This moron has done this country some major harm already and he is just getting started. It is gonna be a tough road ahead and the life we have all enjoyed up to this point is quickly fading fast. Everyone is being affected.

I don't have the answers, I wish that I did. I DO know that the politicians do not have the answers either. Shame on them. You all know, as well as I do, that if you are short on money and in a financial crisis in your own home with limited income, you will be eating alot of ground beef and hotdogs. The politicians?......not a chance. They will not do such a thing. They would rather take money from your children and children's children to fund their grandiose lifestyles and whims. Seriously, how could these morons justify spending hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars.....which we do not currently study the odors of pigs?!! It is beyond ridiculous at this point folks and it is time that we make our voices heard.

We should not let this stand. On the other hand, if you voted for any of these morons, I hope you are enjoying this right now.......because it is gonna get real ugly in the near future........and you will have alot of explaining to do to the kids in the picture above. Shame on you too.

Here is a message for our politicians..............start looking out for our interests immediately or there will be a price for you to pay. Next election, you are gone!