Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can't See The Forest For The Trees

Just what in the hell was Clinton Secretary Of State Madeline Albright thinking when this picture was taken? Did she think she was meeting one of the stars of Hawaii Five-O? You remember Kam Fong as Chin Ho....well this guy ain't no Kam Fong. Leopards never change their spots. We all know why the North Korean thug was smiling so much, don't we.

In case you have forgotten already, this is Madeline Albright chumming it up with Kim Jong Il. Maybe they should have gotten a room. What is it they always say?.........we do not negotiate with a terrorist. If they weren't negotiating, then they must have agreed on everything. They both look very cheery to me. For what good reason would a representative of the USA agree with this guy? What does he bring to the table? All I can say is this......when you vote, remember what party condones this sort of stuff. The tables were set for Kim Jong Il to behave as he behaves today. You can't blame this stuff on our current leadership. Shame on them.

Somebody needs to explain to me why John Kerry sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Commission. Have you ever looked at the list of people that sit on that committee? More on this stuff another time.
I have to wonder about people. Especially the people of Massachusetts. I have no clue why they keep re-electing Ted Kennedy. The democrats are whining all over the place about some republican sending e-mails to a "staffer". That's right, personal pages are "staffers" as far I am concerned. No different in the case of Mary Jo Kopechne. She wasn't a page, but she was democrat staffer. Teddy and five other men took Mary Jo and five other women out for a night of partying. Teddy was married at the time. We all know what Teddy was up to. We all know that Teddy and Mary Jo were alone for a while too. And we all know that Teddy appears to have a heavy drinking problem, still to this day. Drinking problems are no excuse for a dead passenger. His nose alone tells that story. While Teddy and his cohorts criticize others, they don't want to remember their own history. This is hypocracy at its highest form. Its time to send Teddy into retirement. He has made enough money off of all of us. With his money and his family's ability to make scandals dissappear, there is no telling how many other Mary Jo Kopechne's are out there. Teddy is the 900 lb elephant in the room that people seem to think is entitled to his position. It has to be the name Kennedy. Yep, that's it. Look at their track record. Scandalous affairs......heavy drinking....drug abuse......wrecking cars........yes...wrecking cars. You forgot about the Kennedy that hit a barricade in DC.....didn't you? Let's bring this notorious political machine to a halt.

As to the e-mailing pervert that got wanted him out and I why is it taking so long to get rid of Teddy?
I have a great idea.............maybe Teddy should be forced to retire on the Mexican border. Imagine the "big dig" that would get going. Hmmm........I forgot about John Kerry..........yep....Massachusetts again...........that explains it.

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