Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin

I remember it like it was yesterday..............It was September of 1972 and I had bought the George Carlin album "FM & AM" and got it home......put it on the turntable........and my life changed. I loved humor and still do.............but Carlin was sooooooooo different.........he was special. I can safely say that Carlin influenced me. Not only that, but he was one of those people that when you see him you cannot help having the feeling that you "knew" him. I first saw him on the Tonight Show and remember thinking "He looks familiar". His humor was almost always built upon things that are true........and the truth is always funny.

I was fortunate to have been able to attend one of his performances at the Meyerhoff in Baltimore. We paid some outrageous price for the tickets and were subjected to a solid two hours of punishing humor. He ended the show with the words "Go F**k Yourselves!". As the years had gone by, Carlin had morphed into the "angry old man"..............and still as funny as ever. I did not always agree with his view of the world, but I always could appreciate why he had those views.

I woke up this morning to hear that George Carlin passed away from a heart attack at age 71.


Thanks George!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ahhh The Week Has Ended

Once upon a time, I let my beard keep growing and seen in the above picture. The upside to this was that people move out of your way at the store. The downside to the long beard was I would always get little old ladies that came up to me at Burger King that would say "You look like one of the apostles." Another upside was that people thought I was a biker and therefore left me alone and never tried to start anything with me. Now that was interesting.......and yet, still to this day some people think I am a biker. I have only been on a motorcycle once and I immediately decided that I prefer four wheels on the ground. Also, I would continually be compared to Charles Manson. Hmmmmm......let's just say that the only thing me and Charlie have ever had in common was that we both have a large FAMILY......hehehe. Oh well......that's me, years ago in the picture........the non-conformist that I am.

See this picture? ..........Surely, you know already that NBC's Tim Russert passed away. He appeared to be a very likeable guy and I would have to say that he may well have been the only reason to ever watch NBC. Now just look at this picture again..........see the alien behind him?

Everytime I would see Tim Russert, I had to think about his evil twin that was separated from him at birth. Well, you tell me............either it's his evil twin or it's the same person.

This is Jeffrey Jones........Tim Russert's evil twin. Jones is an actor and you probably have seen him on countless tv shows and movies. You have to think the two gotta be related in some way.

Now is this Tim Russert or Jeffrey Jones?

This is scary stuff.

I was watching the Gene Simmons Roast on A&E network the other night and one of the guest roasters was comedian Paul Rodriguez. Now every time I see Paul Rodriguez I expect him to start playing a piano and belting out "I Love You Just The Way You Are".

Likewise, whenever I see Billy Joel, I am expecting some Hispanic comedy.

Now wait a second! this Joel or Rodriguez?


Uh oh........somebody lost some hair!

..........But then is show biz and it ain't so hard to cover up that dome.

Hey...........YOU figure it out.......I give up! is finally the end of the week and it is time to hopefully relax and make some noise with the may be noise "but it's still rock and roll to me".

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Something I Forgot To Tell Everyone

On June 5th my baby sister, EBCBEBR had another birthday. I love my baby sister.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Few Thoughts

Aren't you getting tired of hearing about this alleged "global warming"? For some reason there are certain people such as Al Gore that fully expect that the largest portion of human beings on this planet are complete idiot moron lemmings that will have no common sense and fall for every load of bullshit thrown their way. Today I read an article where NASA is planning to send a space probe toward the corona of the sun. They say that they want to learn why the sun does certain things such as:

Why is the sun actually cooler than its surrounding area?

What speeds up the radiation and ions from the sun after it is discharged?

I also ran across another report that states that the sun is currently at the end of a cycle and that for the past few years, the sun has been "quiet". Hmmmmm. What do they mean about "quiet"? It turns out that there has not been any sunspot activity for a few years. Hmmmmm.
No sunspots? The satellite industry surely won't complain about that. I also read where scientists say that a new sun cycle will start up in ain't that interesting? I recommend that people actually read up on the sun and what scientists are saying. It is very enlightening and totally flies in the face of all of this propaganda that we keep hearing in the media.

"Global Warming"..............think about it. The Earth does not radiate from within. The earth is not the source of heat. The Sun IS. If anything is actually getting hotter it would be the Sun. If anything is causing the earth to get "warmer" it has to be the Sun. Plain and simple. Politicians, such as Barack Obama, want YOU to believe that YOU are causing the planet to heat up. If you believe that, then you are a moron.

Oh.....and here is another little tidbit about the sun and the earth.............scientists say that in something like a billion years, the sun will have completely consumed the earth. In other words, the sun will likely become a black hole. Now imagine somebody trying to tell you that it would be YOUR fault that this is gonna happen...........Now also imagine somebody trying to tell you that there is something that mere humans can do to stop it from happening!

I am thinking that there should be at least one seat onboard that sun probe........for Al Gore.
And maybe we can tell him to bring back some pictures.........hehehe.


Ask yourself why anyone would vote for this dude fro President of the United States:

Well, I won't be voting for him. No, not because he has a cigarette.......hehehe.....but.....because he is a Marxist. Plain and simple. That a black man is a Marxist ought to be alarming to anyone. Some would say, "Hey now, Obama is only HALF black". Hmmmmm. Does this mean than it is his "white" side that is the Marxist portion? Well, I wouldn't vote for an all-white Marxist there!

Oh well........I suppose this is enough for today. I plan on writing a little more often in the days to come.............not that there is a huge contingent of people who log on to the internet and visit this blog to see what I write next.........hehehe.

By the what I do when I log onto the internet.......visit these sites daily:

Now you know.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Signtopia Says......

Howdy everybody!

Gee whiz it is June already! Much has been done and much yet to do.

Here's what is on my mind today........

Regarding Hillary Clinton..........I have been watching the news reports about the Democratic Primary Presidential Campaign and here we are at the alleged end of the line. It has been reported that Barack Obama has enough delegates to take to the convention and that Hillary will have to concede........hmmmm. It has also been reported that the Clinton campaign will be requesting that the Obama contingent pay for some of her campaign debt........hmmmm. It has been obvious that the "left-wing" media has been touting Obama as their man for President for quite some time......hmmm. Here is my take on all of this.

Personally neither Obama nor Hillary could convince me to vote for them.....not even if they offered me some money or promised to end world hunger..........hey......sometimes I enjoy being hungry. It seems to me that if Hillary was serious about really wanting the job as President and was determined to get that job and meant everything she has been saying on the campaign trail, then she would have to realize that the Democrat vote is split and that Obama has NOT had anything near a landslide victory. This means that she has at least as much a chance of winning in the general election as Obama does. Having said that, she also has to realize that her own party of Democrats has pretty much stabbed her in the back throughout this campaign. If she has been a "leader" of the democrat party, you sure couldn't tell it from boneheads like Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi. So the message to Hillary is..............she needs to tell the Democratic Party where to shove it, and march forward and run for president as an independent candidate. If she does this, she still might not win, however, if she does indeed run as an Independent candidate she will be shoving her entire pantsuit up the ass of the Democrats.......a little payback.....because this would pretty much guarantee a victory for the Republican John McCain. I would have far more respect for Hillary if she played hardball and showed the intestinal fortitude and gall to become an Independent. How quickly everyone forgets how the Democratic Party dropped Joe Lieberman like a hot potato.....and he ran for office as an Independent and beat the Democrats in an election. Good for him.

Regarding Obama..............maybe you should read what I have written in the past about him. If he wins the general election and becomes president, it's all over folks.............stick a fork in this country. Perhaps I will go into detail in the future.

Regarding John McCain.........maybe he is a nice guy, maybe he ain't..........but I contend that he is our only alternative unless somebody pops up out of nowhere worth voting for.

Who would have ever thought?

Whenever I see John McCain........I keep waiting to see if Art Garfunkel stands next to him and starts singing.

Yep...........John McCain..........Paul Simon...............what can I say?

I remember watching those old Blondie and Dagwood movies as a kid. They were hilarious. Remember? was Penny Singleton that played Blondie..........

..........and Hollywood screwed up big time when they didn't notice how much Cybil Sheppard looks like Penny Singleton. She would have been perfect as Blondie if they had remade some of those old films. They could have even came up with new stories about Blondie........but you and I know that Hollywood hasn't been able to come up with any new stories about anything in the past 20 years.

Since I mentioned Art Garfunkel...............whenever I see a picture of him I think of.....

........Larry Fine of the Three Stooges.

Let me tell you a story about Whoopie Goldberg. I remember that several years back she had been filming a movie in the Baltimore area and I just so happened to be walking past the Tremont Hotel and saw a large tour bus parked in front. I continued walking past and wondered whose bus it could be..........and as I approached the front entrance to the hotel, out comes Whoopie Goldberg and she looked at me, and I looked at her and I continued walking up the sidewalk. After about ten or so steps I looked back to see if she was getting on that tour bus. When I looked back........I saw her looking at me. Surely I did not look familiar to her...........then again, at that time I didn't look like Ted Danson either......hehehe.......oh well........I kept walking. Maybe she was stunned that I didn't pester her for an autograph......hehehe.

Now.......whenever I see Whoopie on television it is like seeing music producer Nile Rodgers.

And whenever I see Nile is like seeing Whoopie. Go Figure!

Oh well......that's enough for today.

Until next time........keep's the END OF THE WORLD!