Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Religion Is A Snare And A Racket

One day last week I was sitting by my kitchen window looking outside and noticed a car had come into the neighborhood and parked nearby. It was a fully loaded Buick....loaded that is...with three women and a male driver. The driver looked to be about eighty years old and was wearing a fedora. He stayed in the car while the three women started "working" the neighborhood. What I have just described here could easily be a description of a pimp and his entourage of hookers. I will give you the comparison later.

The women went to each home and appeared to be putting something in each door. I didn't see them speak to anyone. I sat there watching them come nearer and nearer to my house. "Come on.......Make My Day!", were my words as they came to my side of the street. I knew they were the Jehovah's Witnesses and I knew exactly what they were doing in the neighborhood. I had not seen any of them in quite some time around here. That's probably because they will encounter me when they come. It takes a good period of time to go by before some uninformed dubs have the good fortune to call at my door. On this day, though, they weren't knocking on anyone's door. It was the "hit and run" routine. They walk up...jam a "brochure" in the door, and move on. Jamming a brochure in a door is called "placing". Aside from the occasional politicians during election time, the only other people putting stuff on or in your door are local carryout shops hawking pizza and subs and chinese delivery. In other words, given 99 per cent of it you could just call it "trash distribution". What these women were distributing fits right into that same category. I got up out of my seat and headed for my front door as soon as I saw one of the women start up my sidewalk. I listened behind the door, and as soon as she opened my storm door, I popped open my main door and startled her. After her initial look of being stunned, she immediately went into the typical routine Jehovah's Witness look on her face........you know the look......the false smile and glassy-eyed stare. Our conversation, if you can call it a conversation, went as follows:

Me: Hello, why didn't you knock?
JW: I didn't want to bother anyone today. We are just putting some information in everyone's door.
Me: Oh really? You are a Jehovah's Witness, are you not?
JW: Yes!
Me: OK, then we have much to talk about then.
JW: I do not have time today, maybe another day would be good.
Me: That's unusual. A Jehovah's Witness that doesn't seize upon the opportunity to discuss the bible?
JW: We can talk about the bible, yes. What kind of bible do you use?
Me: I would use any bible with the exception of two.
JW: Which two are those?
Me: The Satanic Bible and the New World Translation.
JW: Why wouldn't you want to use the New World Translation?
Me: That's a fairly long story, but to put it simply, you DO know what even YOUR bible says about those that add to or take away from what is written?
JW: Yes, I do.
Me: Case in point, John 1:1

(The JW woman just stands there and smiles.)

Me: I see the old guy with the hat in the car.
JW: Yes.....that's Brother.......
Me: He's and elder isn't he?
JW: Yes
Me: One of those Overseers or something.
JW: Yes.
Me: Call him on over and we can have a nice discussion, He ought to know alot of stuff, him being in such a position.
JW: Yes, he does.
Me: You might want him to help.
JW: We do not have the time today, maybe another day.
Me: That's all well and good, but what if the world ends before we get to discuss it? Then what?
JW: I know, but......
Me: Why are you really out today then?
JW: We are just.........
Me: Placing.
JW: Yes.....placing these with people.
Me: Well, placing in the doors actually.
JW: Yes.
Me: Why at this time of day? It's almost 3 o'clock.
JW: We try to come by when we think people will be at home.
Me: As you can see, there are hardly any cars around here right now. In fact, I am the only person you have found to be home.
JW: Yes.
Me: And you said that you would have to come back another time to talk with me.
JW: Yes.
Me: That does not make any sense to me.
JW: I really do have to go.
Me: I am sure you do. The old guy in the car is watching.
JW: Yes he is.
Me: You wouldn't want him to think anything bad would you?
JW: Oh no, I wouldn't
Me: Maybe you want to talk, but the old guy in the car doesn't want you to talk.
JW: We can talk another day.
Me: Can you bring the old guy with you? I would really like to talk to him.
JW: I can try.
Me: That's wonderful. I have a couple things to ask you before you go.
JW: Yes.........they are all waiting for me in the car now.
Me: Okay.....this leaflet you have here.
JW: Yes, its something we are giving out for you to read.
Me: I know.
JW: People can take their time reading it and......
Me: Take their time?.....it's only three pages....a five minute read at best.
JW: I....uhhhh
Me: I have questions already and all I did was glance at it.
JW: Yes....but....
Me: I know, you have to go.
JW: Well it was nice to talk with you.
Me: Yes......even though you didn't have time today to talk with me.
JW: Yes.
Me: By the way......you know about Prince, right?
JW: I know the Prince, yes, I do.
Me: Not THAT Prince........the Prince with the purple high heels......the singer, musician Prince.
JW: Oh, yes...I have heard of him.
Me: He is a Jehovah's Witness, did you know that?
JW: It could be that he is coming to learn about Jehovah.
Me: No, he isn't "studying", he IS a Jehovah's Witness.
JW: Okay.
Me: Ever here of Jerry Hairston Jr?
JW: No, who is he?
Me: He is a baseball player, used to play second base for the Orioles, now he is on the Texas Rangers. He has been a Jehovah's Witness all his life, did you know that?
JW: No.
Me: I would have thought you would have heard about that.
JW: No, I didn't.
Me: When you come back, we will talk about the book of Revelation. You would like that wouldn't you?
JW: The Revelation book?
Me: Well.....not necessarily THAT book, but the one in the bible.
JW: Yes.
Me: Alrighty then......you better get going lest you get in any trouble......you know.....the old guy is watching.
JW: Yes......I will be back.
Me: God Bless
JW: You have a nice day.

For a woman that did not have time to talk to me, it took some time to "place" her leaflet.
I felt bad for her. I knew she was not all that smart. She was most likely not a "pioneer", and surely not permitted to discuss anything deeper which would require the briefcase of assorted books for support. Also, she was alone at the door with me. Witnesses work in teams of two. This woman was most likely just cutting her teeth under the scrutiny of the elder in the car. Putting in required time, accumulating brownie points. It is sad.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are under the control of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of NY. The second president of the Watchtower Society, "Judge" Joseph Rutherford once said in a speech......."Religion is a snare and a racket". He knew it then, and the same holds today. The sad part is that the Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT led to understand that such a comment is also about them.

About that leaflet or brochure...........The End Of False Religion Is Near............One could hope, couldn't they?

The purpose of "placing" these leaflets without sticking around to discuss it, is that they have the hope that someone will bite and contact them. Their membership is down. In the areas where they have had some growth, it has been minimal compared to other groups. This activity is the equivalent of fishing. Set out the bait and hope for a nibble. As to it not being one of their magazines, the Watchtower or Awake!, placing all of those in every door would be too expensive. Its far cheaper to place the leaflet. It's all about money and not the saving of souls. It's all about business. Even the pimp and his hookers are in business. The pimp sets out his bait......and sits back to see if anyone bites. No wonder its called the oldest profession...........and some things never change. A snare is a snare.


  1. kathlijn12:10 PM

    Poor guy , you think you know all , well , you just dont know anything about us. we just laugh at people like you. Just read your phamflet carefully , and than watch what happens , watch the news in stead of bothering people that want to do an important work in a short time. have a nice day

  2. kathlijn, obviously you are a Jehovah's Witness. Your comment is a bit amusing in that you state that I "don't know anything" about Witnesses. Chances are, I probably know more about them than you do. Your comment offers nothing to refute anything that I wrote. You can try to ignore reality. I didn't knock on your door at all. Your people came to my door. The lady at the door wasn't laughing one bit. Maybe she missed that particular meeting. Regarding the "phamflet".......is that how the Watchtower spells that word now? Anytime you would like to provide some facts, feel free to contact me and I will share it with everyone. I doubt you will, just as I doubt that lady will show up in the neighborhood again.
    I recommend that you and your ilk, stop spreading your propaganda into our neighborhoods......you have no idea what it costs families in regards to deprogramming. And just for you, I will be offering more writings about the Witnesses. I look forward to any attempts at refutation.
    God Bless

  3. Anonymous3:20 AM

    Well, your blog was amusing for me too , I had a good laugh. Pardon my spelling , I am from Belgium , and speak Dutch normally. How about you answering me in Dutch? I think you would make some spellingmistakes too. Have you read your phamflet now ? I urge you to read it.YOu know , that lady was not at all scared of you , neither was she scared of the brother in the car.Its not look that among witnesses.We have a lot of true joy , we are no sad , scared people.It are rather sad and pitifull people who make a drama out of a spellingmistake.Anyway , no bad feelings here,feel free to vist my blog on yahoo 360 any time.Have a good day, Kathlijn

  4. Kathlijn, You refer to the "phamflet" as if it is something deep and tedious to read. I read the darned thing in the time it took to ask the woman two questions. I do not speak Dutch, sorry. I never wrote anything about the woman being "scared", I wonder why you mentioned that. Regarding "true joy", I beg to differ. I would say that only "some" have a lot of that. Surely not all of them. The "drama" was on the doorstep if anything. I always have a great day, and thank you.
    God Bless

  5. Duver8:53 PM

    By the way, I'll explain anyway. The handing out of the leaflet is supposed to be a handing out. A warning. The sister that went to your door didn't want to talk to you because she had other leaflets to hand out. NO witness would stop to talk to you during the hand out. I'm sure ANY witness would be glad, ready and prepared to talk to you about anything in the Bible, but just not during this specific handing out.
    I Hope you've read it. That's what it was meant for. I do hope you have the chance to talk about Revelation with a witness. Why not with that same sister?
    Best regards!!
    Du (from Brazil)

  6. Howdy duver,
    Of course the Jehovah's Witnesses on that day were instructed to only "place" the leaflets. Of course, the woman I encountered could NOT allow herself to be delayed with the elder watching from the car. Of course, I knew the deal. As to witnesses being "prepared" to speak with me at my door, I have not found that to be true in over 25 years or so. They NEVER are prepared except in the sense that they always try to divert from my questions and attempt to control the conversation. That has been my personal experience and I know that this is not an isolated incidence. Also, As I mentioned before, I did read the leaflet. It took about two minutes WHILE I was speaking with the witness lady. I am always willing to have serious discussions with anyone that happens to come knocking. Regarding your comment that the leaflet is a "warning"......the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society has built an empire with its doom and gloom publications. It is nothing new for them to "place" more of the same. I will mention this, though, I have NEVER seen them come around with any information or requests to assist them with feeding the hungry or aiding their fellow man. Nice of them, ain't it?
    God Bless