Friday, November 24, 2006

The Thanksgiving Dinner

It was excellent. Not one complaint about anything.

Thanksgiving 2006 is one for the books. You gotta love the Thanksgiving holiday...........great food, great desserts, and the family gathering together all in one location. In addition to all of that, we celebrated three birthdays as well. It was my birthday, and we celebrated two other family member birthdays as well since their birthdates are so close to mine. That made sense to do it that way........considering everybody's busy schedules.

The smell of the food hits you when you enter the house. I close my eyes and can just about picture all of the previous Thanksgiving dinners over the years. There was always someone missing, no matter what year it was. You wish it was possible that everyone in your entire family tree, if still alive and breathing, could be there with you on this day.........ahhhh but they ARE!..........even if only in your heart and mind.

My son-in-law did a great job again with the turkey. Twenty-one pounds or so of one of the best tasting turkeys yet. In this picture, it looks fantastic sitting there before we had at it.

Well, "somebody" had to be the one to get it started.........and he did pretty darned good. Of course I got involved and started hacking away at the turkey. I say hacking because that is exactly the best word to describe it. Maybe chefs know how to slice up a bird, but I sure do not. It seemed that I always got the "honor" over past years to dish up the turkey......arrrgghh. Actually, I do not mind that as long as people do not mind the end result of my effort......hehehe.

All of the food......and plenty of it........was setting there begging to be gobbled up.

My daughter had the various foods set out buffet style. Come and fetch it. You will notice, of course, the green crock full of Polish kielbasa and can't have a holiday without that stuff. ( "I" brought that! )

My daughter and son-in-law did a great job. They worked really hard at it and they should know their efforts were very appreciated.

Mmmmmmmm, after stuffing your guts with all of the food, you have to always go that "one step beyond" and have some dessert. In this picture, my granddaughter was waiting for her share of the sweet stuff. Blueberry pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and sweet potato pie........and a chocolate birthday cake.

They all sang "Happy Birthday" while I took their picture. I had a difficult time when I was reading the stuff written in the birthday cards. I had to hold back the emotion. To know that they all feel the way they do about you..........well...........I am blessed to have this family and I am extremely grateful that they all are a part of my life. I am a lucky guy.............

............but that turkey wasn't. You have to wonder............if that turkey ever knew that it would one day have such an important part in our lives.

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