Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Light

Today I finally managed to hang lights on our Christmas tree.........and every bulb lit up!

Now we are ready for Saturday. On Saturday, we intend on decorating the tree fully. We also plan on baking Christmas cookies with the grandchildren. I hope everything goes according to plan.

I also put some lighted candy canes in the front garden............Frosty the Snowman is missing and when we find him, we will be putting him in the garden too. I won't be overdoing it this year since our electric rates have jumped higher than kangaroos on crack.

Here is something I bet you never thought never see any brown christmas lights.

Word is going around that putting blue christmas lights in one of your windows is a way of honoring fallen police officers...........hmmm.....this could get out of hand.......imagine all of the possibilities.

Tonight I baked some preliminary chocolate chip cookies. "Preliminary" cookie baking is the only time you actually get to have some for yourself because nobody else is around to get them.

The Ravens lost to the Bengals tonight 13-7. They deserved the loss. The Ravens are now 9 and 3. I ain't complaining.

I read today that Stephen Hawking hopes to go into space one day. That should be interesting.
Wheelchairs in space!

I seem to remember that there was a time when Jay Leno had dark hair with one white splotch. Now he has gray hair with one dark splotch. My mother says it aggravates her when she sees it.

Is it just me?.....or do YOU aso think Emeril Lagasse looks a bit like Mario Lanza?

Until next time..............keep smiling!

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