Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Michael Richards Fiasco

A sure sign of the end of the world is the Michael Richards fiasco.

Not because he got ticked off and went on a tirade about a heckler while onstage in a comedy club.......but because of the results of it. This wasn't the first time in history that somebody blew a fuse and got verbally nasty to the extent of uttering things that someone might feel is offensive. Last time I checked, when you are being nasty or blowing a fuse, you never think real deep about what you might say and you never care who hears what you say........you simply start uttering verbal diarrhea. It is not really a big deal.......BUT........there is aways SOMEBODY that wants some attention and there is always SOMEBODY that will try to cash in on this crap because, as it happens, Michael Richards is SOMEBODY has a decent amount of money. Not only do we have Gloria "Scandal-Ho" Allred getting herself involved but also Rev. Jesse "Rainbow Extortion" Jackson and Rev. Al "Not So" Sharpton, and more than a few alleged "comedians" getting in front of cameras and microphones and telling us all how bad it was. Its not like he killed anyone. If anything, all of this has somewhat revived Richards career. He was a big hit as Seinfeld's "Cosmo Kramer". Since that role, most people have no clue what he has been doing. For me........I never watched every episode of Seinfeld. I never found Seinfeld to be all that funny. Okay, sure, there were some "humorous" moments, but I never did see what all of the rage was about regarding the show.

So the big deal with the Michael Richards verbal fit is he "offended" somebody. Not only did he "offend" somebody, but he did it with a barrage of "n" words. Oooooooooh........I am so shocked! You have to be living under a rock to never hear the "n" word to the extent that you are devastated when you hear it uttered. I can understand how the "n" word can be seen as offensive, however, that word has been so overused and abused that it now has many definitions. The very people that can find that word offensive also happen to utter that word repeatedly themselves when other words could be used instead. This is all nonsense. People need to get over it. But this isn't enough.......now it is as if other groups that can be offended want a piece of the pie...........so somebody reports that Michael Richards MAY HAVE previously offended Jews because he may have said something anti-semetic in the past. Well gee golly......Michael Richards is Jewish! He would not be the first comedic performer to ever utter something derogatory towards Jews. Jewish comedians have a long history of such talk. Even black comedians say things that is derogatory towards blacks. Everybody needs to get over it!

So now, the owner of the comedy club gets his mug on television and says that Michael Richards will not be welcome to be on his stage until he donates $500,000., to a charitable organization, for each "n" word that he uttered. What next?............this is just getting too way out of hand. It is ridiculous and its even more ridiculous when people want to cash in on it. Michael Richards career was essentially over before he even got on that stage that evening. Over. Done. He will be forever remembered as "Kramer"......that's all.........but NOW, because of all of this attention, he will most likely write a book, he will be on every talk show on tv, they will make the book a movie, he may end up hosting a benefit comedy show for sensitive ears........geeeshhh....... get over it!

I just happen to have Polish heritage. I have "suffered" through countless "polack" jokes over the years. I never felt compelled to whine about it on tv, and I never had a notion that I might be able to suck any money out of those who "offended" me with what they said. It is ridiculous......it's as ridiculous as me being sued by a Jew and a dude from Alaska named Nanook for saying the following:

"You never see any Jewish Eskimos."

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