Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ancient Ruins & A Humongous Pile Of Dirt

I was watching television today and while channel surfing, a show about the Mayans caught my eye.

Now I have been to the Mayan ruins in Mexico. I've stood on the sacred grounds of Tulum and Coba. I never really gave it too much thought except for being amazed at the history of the Mayan civilization. So I watched the program about the Mayans with more interest having been there personally. It was absolutely fascinating and I would recommend that people check into the history of the Mayans.

There was something, though, that jumped off the television screen and caused me to ponder. The narrator of the program was telling how new satellite technology was helping archeologists to find previously undiscovered ruins. He said that there are unknown amounts of Mayan ruins hidden by forestation and overgrowth. I had to think about that one.

After a few minutes of thought, I figured it was reasonable to say that ruins can be hidden by overgrowth. It makes sense.........but what about other ruins in other parts of the world?

The "dig" pictured above is in Iceland. I don't know about you, but I am not understanding this "dig" stuff. It seems to me that if you are digging for foundations and relics, old bottles, jars......stuff like that......burial makes sense..........BUT to dig for a large structure or city or monument?..........well........I just ain't able to buy into that.

I did an internet search of pictures of archeological site digs and there are a few things that are obvious. Most of the pictures show stuff below the surface of the earth. If you don't think about it, it is easy to accept.........but I happen to think about things. So I am thinking.....okay.....the majority of stuff that is discovered could only be discovered because somebody started digging. The deeper they dig, the more they find. So now I am thinking about the well known and huge stuff that most of us go visit when we go on vacation........stuff like pyramids and ancient cities. I have a hard time believing that some of these places were completely hidden by gigantic amounts of dirt or clay. I just can't buy into that idea. I have never read in any history book where various areas of the planet had random tons of dirt drop from the sky, covering everything! Stuff like that just doesn't happen.

One might argue that years and years of sediment can accumulate. Okay.......but then again one can argue that there are years and years of erosion that also occurs. Winds and rain can wash away some earth and make it pile up where there is resistance. That's reasonable, but common sense tells me that if you have a large structure, big enough to provide some resistance to wind or accumulation of dirt or sand coming from a particular direction, then only one side of such structure would show any accumulation or erosion. You follow me on this?

There must be some sort of rule. Ancient cities that were decimated, were "leveled"......that would be easier to cover over. Most ancient cities, though, were NOT "leveled" and they are easily seen still today....except for places such as some yet undiscovered Mayan cities.

So I thought about the things we see everyday in our lives and whether or not somebody will be "digging" to find it several thousand years in the future. Let's see..............if dirt accumulates over a period of time........I will have two steps up to my front door instead of the three that are there today. The bottom step and sidewalk will be gone!........hmmmm. Another thousand or so years and I will have a story house with a two level basement!.......hmmmmm. If this is the case and is how it goes, then there was a point in time when people walked the planet amongst all sorts of half covered buildings and monuments. I do NOT recall ever reading about THAT in any history book.

My house is one thing, but imagine something larger in the Trump Tower or even Oriole Park at Camden Yards, being half covered by a huge pile of dirt. I just do not see that ever happening. All of the most ancient writings..........from the Bible to the cave walls..........not even the Mayan temple walls...........ever have any indication of anything other than water or fire completely engulfing cities or towns..........well........there was that salt incident in Sodom and Gommorah. Somebody needs to explain this to me.....they have alot of explaining to do.

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