Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Punta Cana Vacation Part Three

I could have settled for just the beach but the entire Iberostar Bavaro resort was something to behold. There are so many things to tell everyone about this place that I will have to dish it out a little at a time here.

PEACOCKS!.............just about everywhere! At every turn it seemed that you encounter a peacock. Sometimes just one roaming about......sometimes in groups. They even hang out near the food huts by the pool looking for people to drop some crumbs or some french fries. Some are even bold enough to come right up to you while you sit at a table to eat.

They even stroll around the poolside as if they own the place........and they probably do!......after all, before this place was built they were already here. It is obvious that Iberostar takes great strides to do its best at preserving the natural beauty of this area and its natural inhabitants.

The peacocks roam about everywhere....even on the breezeways that surround the lagoon. They go about minding their own business and walk around wherever they choose to go. They are so beautiful. In the evenings they seem to congregate together and sit up high on tree limbs for the night. It is at this time they will occasionally start raising a ruckous. The first time I heard them it sounded like a bunch of kids yelling at each other. I have no idea what this means but if you have never heard it before, it is quite startling. The ruckous doesn't last very long but it sure does make you stop in your tracks and wonder what the heck is going on. I read a review on the internet about this resort and the author was whining about the noise from the peacocks and advised to not stay in a bungalow near them. My bungalow was right next to the peacocks at night and they never kept anyone awake at night..........it just never happened.

These peacocks are huge. This is a terrible photo of them but I wanted to show how they parade around at will.

Wouldn't you want to live here and see this everyday? I did not expect to see so many peacocks everywhere. I thought maybe ten or twelve..........but it was more like fifty of them or more.

Stay tuned for Part Four


  1. You are a gifted writer. Extremely funny and entertaining. I randomly came across your blog and ended up reading every one of your entries. Keep up the good work disspelling the spell of JW.

  2. Andy,
    Thanks for your kind comments, I appreciate it. Tell your friends, neighbors, relatives, and every JW you encounter to visit my blog often......who knows.....maybe I could become famous....hehehe.

    God Bless!