Thursday, November 16, 2006

Punta Cana Vacation Part Nine

Nightlife and Entertainment.

Yep, that's me..........and I was very entertained. I have to explain this picture to you. Every night there is a stage show at the Iberostar Bavaro. The entertainment team is called "Star Friends". These performers consist of singers, dancers, and musicians. Each night was a different show. On this particular night was a show entitled "Fantasy de Caribe", an awesome performance of music and dance where they pull out all of the stops and offer up absolutely each and every performer employed at the complex. It was amazing. The costuming was fantastic and so colorful. At the end of the show, the performers would come out into the audience to mingle and greet guests. I saw the opportunity to try to get a decent picture with my malfunctioning camera, so I approached this female performer and snapped a picture. (she was happy to pose for me) Along comes one of the male performers and he insists that he gets in a picture with her, so I got that shot off. Then, to my surprise, he motioned for me to hand him the camera and he snapped of a shot of me and the female performer. It was an extremely nice gesture. I thanked them both and they continued on with other guests for photo opportunities.

I took a picture of my friend getting his picture taken with the performers.

It is unbelievable that they both could be so relaxed and smiling away after the serious dance moves on stage. It was very hot under the stage lights and these two were not out of breath. All of the dancers were extremely good.

The smile tells the story, doesn't it?

Looking towards the stage from our table. You can see how the tables and chairs were distributed around the stage area.

The performers spend alot of time giving attention to children watching the show. Each night, the children in attendance get the opportunity to dance on stage and sing.

Two of the performers standing in the audience waiting to storm the stage for the big show.

Each night, before the main performances, the audience gets to dance. I am not a dancer, but I can make my way on the slow tunes. I had not planned to be dancing but as it was, some of the performers come out and grab your hand and pull you onto the dance floor in front of the stage. This happened to me twice in the same night! Both of the Dominican performers I danced with were very kind and gracious. They speak with you, as best they can, while dancing. I know it is probably part of their job description, but they never show any signs of anything but enjoyment doing their work.

Meanwhile, back near the lounge bar, everyone is happy. That's my wifey-poo in the white dress.

Here are some of the children singing and dancing on the stage. This is done early in the night before bedtime.

Even my wife had to dance with a performer. Notice that thing on her head?........that is a glo-necklace. Everybody in the Chesapeake Medical Staffing entourage had one and the staff at the bar as well as the performers were awestruck by them. Most of us ended up giving them our glo-necklaces. They were so fascinated with them that they wore them the rest of the night. The bartenders were extremely grateful at receiving a glo-necklace that they seemed to kick up their already great service a few notches. There is another stage at the other hotel lobby but we didn't have time to see the performances there. After a long day at the beach and late afternoon at the pool, you go to dinner and see a show EVERY NIGHT. That's pretty hard to beat.

A few more things I have to mention:

I mentioned previously about how some of the "villas" are being refurbished. Here in the USA, you would see work areas surrounded by a chain link fence. But at the Iberostar Bavaro, they use palm fronds interwoven together to make the fences. I was amazed by these fences. It makes good sense to do it this way..........the place is so beautiful and carefully landscaped that it would be a crime to use metal fences. The palm fronds go with the territory and do not disrupt the beauty of the resort.

Here is some more of God's work. You can't walk past these without stopping at staring at them.....

.........or these pretty golden blooms. Every detail at this resort was something to behold.

Stay tuned for Part Ten.........You gotta eat!

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  1. Anonymous3:13 PM

    hi... I just came back from the same resort and really enjoyed all your pictures but I was wondering by any chance if you had other pictures of the dancers... because I tried to take a picture before I left but it was too late when I got my camera.. anyways if you do maybe you could send them to me at or otherwise well thanks anyways and it looks like you had a great time... its definitly a great resort:)