Thursday, November 16, 2006

Punta Cana Vacation Part Eight

Before I write about the food and the beach at the Iberostar Bavaro in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, I would be remiss if I failed to mention some more things of interest at this resort. As I previously mentioned, there is so much to tell about.

You find yourself doing alot of walking around here. I know I walked far more than I would normally walk on any given day but I didn't mind that at all. Everywhere I looked....everywhere I walked.........there was something to absorb. Caribbean Street is a path that runs from the building that houses some shops and a disco across the resort to the oceanfront. Along this "street" are some retail shops that sell souvenirs, paintings, jewelry, as well as spa, nail salon, hair braiding, etc. The buildings are very colorful and its a nice stroll through the complex.

Almost all of the shops have someone that will approach you when you pass by, trying to get you to step into their business and make a purchase. The prices in these shops are not negotiable as they would be in the shacks that are on the beach. More about those shacks on the beach in another post. Each encounter with these salespeople on Caribbean Street was always polite.

This is an obelisk fountain at the center of the complex. My photo does NOT do it any is downright stunning at night.
As with many resorts, there are always many places to shop. The photo above is of the building at the beginning of Caribbean Street. You can see a blue dome rising at the center between the towers.

Inside the building is absolutely beautiful. It is kinda like a mini mall with an internet cafe, a variety store, a medical office, a disco, a bar, a jewelry shop, a clothing store, and the Star Rock Cafe.

At the center of the building is a courtyard with a fountain. There is that blue dome and underneath it is an area where you can sit and relax.

There was a Moroccan feel to the place.

Looking up Caribbean Street from the previously mentioned building. There are tennis courts to the right and the main lobby for the Dominicana and Punta Cana hotels.

Yep.......there is definately a Moroccan look about that building.
Most of the structures blend in with the landscape as this one does.

In the Iberostar Bavaro lobby there are all sorts of unusual things to of which is this giant snail sculpture. Everybody takes a picture with this.

To the right of the giant snail is the entrance to Los Haitises Buffet Restaurant. I have much to say about the buffet and will do so in another post. Notice how clean the floors are.

The view from the lobby looking off to the right of the entrance to the buffet. No....that is not water........THAT is the floor!

Looking back into the center of the hotel lobby there are these huge teardrop shapes hanging from a chandelier. I do not know if these were put there as part of the Christmas decorations or something they always have in place. And YES........marble, marble, everywhere.

This is the unfinished Christmas tree that the staff had been working on throughout the week that I was there. There are hundreds of lights on it. I would love to see the finished product. Christmas must be totally awesome at the Iberostar Bavaro..........I would not hesitate to go back there in December. From what I understand, though, that time is peak season for the resort and the prices are probably doubled. I really loved this place and I cannot say enough about it. Any price would be reasonable for such a paradise.

Stay tuned for Part Nine!

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