Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Punta Cana Vacation Part Two

For some reason pictures never seem to tell the story.

I remember viewing pictures of the Iberostar Bavaro on the internet so I could have some idea what it would be like before I got there. The pictures were okay but after actually being there, I could tell you that none of the pictures I saw on the internet did the place any justice. I am certainly no photographer, but I did take a fair amount of photos while there. Even these photos do not seem to convey what I saw with my own eyes. Sadly, some of the photos did not work out because my camera, for some reason, decided to act up. The big problem was that the camera had trouble automatically adjusting the exposure in bright sunlight. I managed to work around that problem by taking more pictures in the evening when the sun would start going down. The result, though, was the pictures tend to look as if it was very cloudy, overcast, or dark.

Here is the inside of the suite looking towards the sliding glass door to the "balcony". You can see how one of the room is lower. To the left was a window, to the right was the bed.

I guess the big thing at resorts are towels folded into assorted animals. The Bavaro is no exception. In Cancun, we would get a different folded creature each day and sometimes more than one in the room. Here at the Iberostar Bavaro, we only had this one creation each day. I have no idea what it supposed to be but I suspect that it is a representation of one of the many fowl that inhabit the lagoon on the premises.

This is the area between our bungalow and the neighboring bungalow. Very well landscaped and well kept.

We stayed in one of the suites on the lower level of the bungalow. That was our porch/balcony on the bottom.
This is the entryway to our bungalow. Our suite was #2601.

Looking up the pathway from the front of our building. These paths wind throughout the complex and are very clean except for the occasional skid marks. The staff, when not walking, use very small vehicles on these paths. I can tell you that they are not as wreckless as the skid marks might indicate. Everytime I encountered a vehicle, they stopped until the way was clear. There was a few areas on the premises that were taped off so that workers could put some fresh paint on the path surface. They do the same when they refurbish each building. As far as I could tell, they do not just work on one room at a time. Instead, they refurbish each building.....completely gutting them with a crew of about twenty men with security always guarding over the work area. These men were obvious hard workers and each time I would pass by them, they would always greet me with a "Hola!".

Stay tuned for Part Three........

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