Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Punta Cana Vacation Part Seven

I have to mention the breezeways. The Iberostar Bavaro has these covered wooden walkways that surround the main building area. Not only very beautifully built, but very handy whenever a cloud decides to toss a little water down to your general vicinity. They also provide shade when the sun gets a bit oppressive. Here are a few photos of these covered walkways.

This walkway runs parallel to what is called Caribbean Street between the Bavaro and the Dominicana, and leads towards the beachfront.

This is one of the walkways to a restaurant.

This one follows along the lagoon and surrounds part of the main building and buffet.

Here you can see how the walkway wraps around the lagoon.

This is one of the covered walkways that lead to the one that wraps around the lagoon.

This is the view of that same walkway looking back towards the bungalows.

Water on the left, landscape on the right..........soooo beautiful!

Along the breezeway, there are intersections with couches to sit on. A right turn here takes us to the buffet restaurant.

I believe this is an egret of some sort. There was always something to see along these walkways. I must tel you that the entire week we were there, the staff was slowly but surely installing strings of Christmas lights on the railings and posts of the breezeways. I wish we could have stayed longer so we could see it all lit up at night........I bet it is awesome.

Stay tuned for Part Eight.............yet to come.......The Food.........and The Beach.

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