Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Baltimore Bogosity

Word came out in the news this week where Maryland politicians announced that they will do their best to add another dollar in taxes to cigarettes. I am trying to understand the logic behind such a notion. Let's see........they say it will discourage about 500,000 kids from smoking. They say it will help defray the cost of the high rate of smoking related illnesses. I could understand that line of thought except history has shown that such thoughts have proved to be nonsense. Consider the ramifications of such bogosity. The State has had no policy that has been effective in discouraging the drinking of alcohol by anyone at all. In fact, the State has done more than its share of taxing alcohol, too. I cannot think I have ever watched the local news on any day and saw where thousands of people said they are discouraged and no longer drink. It just has not happened. Furthermore, consider gasoline. Our roads are overcrowded and log-jammed continuosly. Nobody has reported that as a result of the ridiculous amount of State and Federal taxes on gasoline, droves of people have given up their cars. It just has not happened. The idea sounds good and it sounds possible...........but the truth of the matter is that it is wishful thinking, and worthy of the 100% Bogosity Award.

To add insult to injury and not be left out of the latest democratic orchestration of "concern" about the health and well-being of the citizenry, the elected officials of Baltimore City has decided to pass legislation to ban smoking in bars and restaurants located within the city limits. Again, echoing their comrades, the "reasoning" behind this nonsense is the same as mentioned regarding the previously mentioned bogosity. Stuff like this should be decided via a referendum vote.......but then again.......any kind of voting here in Maryland is corrupt as all hell, so that wouldn't be a good idea. Okay, so the democrats won the election..........but nobody voted them in to give them free reign to tax us to death and tell us that we cannot have a cigarette with our beer. Before you know it, they just might try to enact a law prohibiting farting while driving with your car windows open. Lord knows all of this wholesale flatulence that people let loose on a daily basis is depleting the ozone. Don't can happen folks! I saw on the news where some people interviewed said "Well, I will just have to take my beer home so I can smoke" if that is gonna someway retaliate against those that make such regulations. The politicians are very calculating..........they believe they have their constituents pegged. Surely they are counting on the majority of their constituents thinking exactly like the one that will take his beer home so he can have a cigarette with it.........and they know we do not really have any control over them, therefore, the result of this bogus proposed regulation will be the closing of many businesses in Baltimore. What a concept..........they lost thousands of residents in the city over the years and have managed to somewhat stay afloat because of the people that work and visit here. So some idots decide it isn't bad enough for this historic city that they come up with an idea that will ensure that people will have yet another reason to stop spending their money here. Brilliant. These "powers that be" cannot even come up with a solution to make Baltimore a safer place to visit. Check out their track record on this crap............but wait..........SOMEBODY has to be feeding this brainless thought process to those idiots. The must be one person that came up with a dastardly scheme to "stick a fork" in Baltimore once and for all. Brilliant. I think I am getting the big picture now............Baltimore must actually need more Federal money and the only way to get it is to become a total wasteland. I have to give the Baltimore City Council the 100% Bogosity Award as well. They deserve one.

Wow, two Bogosity Awards in one day!

I can't wait to hear about the next brilliant ideas our corrupt politicians have in store for us all.

God, I wanna go back to Punta Cana and get away from these idiots.

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