Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Piece Of My Mind

I had taken notice of a few things in recent months and I had planned on writing about it here on the blog. In particular, the recent news items regarding the Kennedy family.

As usual, I procrastinated and waited until today.........except I woke up this morning to some more Kennedy news.........and that took me out of a funk and prompted me to write on the blog.

As you may know, it was big news when it was revealed that Senator Ted Kennedy has cancer of the brain. I do not wish anyone to have to deal with such a is terrible.........but somehow this news was something like a cruel, vengeful punishment. It has been said that for almost 47 years in "public service", Kennedy was at the forefront pushing for "Healthcare........Healthcare.........Healthcare!" is kinda ironic.......isn't it?

Politicians are mobsters and regarding the Mob, it has been said that there is "no honorable way out". Think about that..................stuff tends to come back and haunt you and you cannot cheat the hangman.

Ted wasn't a very good driver...........and his behavior and actions at the time of this particular incident was very telling about the man. Rather than try to pull his passenger from the car, he swam to safety and went home without bothering to report the accident to anyone until the next day. Self-preservation has always been at the top of his modus operandi. If you were one of those that voted for him all these years, you might try to tell me that Ole Teddy did alot on your behalf. But I would tell you this.........NOTHING he has ever done throughout his career negates his behavior and actions at Chapaquiddick. Eventually, his self-preservating arrogance would have no effect. That Kennedy name would have no pull in what he faces today.

I noticed that Ole Ted didn't show up to recieve his Freedom Medal and sent his daughter to accept it from Obama instead. Ted also didn't show up at Eunice Kennedy Shriver's funeral. Yet, on the news this morning, it was reported that Ole Ted, even though he is struggling with his illness and hasn't been able to be around on the Senate floors, is scheming and dealing to change a Massachusetts law so that "if" he is unable to fulfill his duties as a Senator the state would have someone fill his seat in the Senate instead of leaving it vacant until the people have say in who replaces him................His arrogance continues.

It's time to let go, Teddy. Theres a ghost that is tired of haunting you. Maybe she cannot rest in peace until you meet your maker. Not even that letter to the Pope will cease your suffering.

Then again.........maybe your suffering should be cannot wish that upon anyone..............maybe Ted, you should just go for a nice drive again. need to step down now and let the people of Massachusetts have their say in the matter.

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