Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ted Kennedy - Moron Of The Week

When I logged onto my computer, I was wondering who would be the Moron Of The Week. It is only Tuesday.......I know.......but the obvious moron reared his drunken, swollen head via a news report.

Yep.......none other than that fat slob, Senator Ted Kennedy D-Mass. As you may or may not know, President Bush is supposed to offer up an address to the nation tonight regarding the troop situation in Iraq. Predictably so, Tub Kennedy had to get some media attention to his disdain for our troops by announcing that he has initiated legislation to prevent the President from increasing any money to support our troops. It is obvious to me that Ted Kanhedrink wants to control our country. The same fat drunk that couldn't get elected President when he tried. Ted...........Go away!

Yep.......the Moron Of The Week is Senator Ted Kennedy. What a fat slob! He should be ashamed of himself. Ask yourselves this one question..........."What exactly has Senator Ted Kennedy actually done for this country all the years he has been in office?" Maybe we should adopt his idea and apply it to his fat rump.........No more funding for drunken, fat, senatorial morons!

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