Monday, January 22, 2007

Signtopia Says.....

I hear that there is a third sequel to the movie "Saw".
I won't be going to see it.........I am waiting for them to make
a movie called "Belt Sander".

We finally got some snow here in Baltimore yesterday!
As usual, Baltimorons stormed the grocery stores
and stocked up on toilet paper, bread, and milk.
The snow plows were out and the local schools
went ahead and delayed the opening of schools for two hours.
The news headline, in print and local television, was "Winter Blast!"
"First Snowstorm Of The Season!".............and the kicker is,
all we got was only about an inch and a half of powdery white snow!!!....
......only in Balwlamer Hon!

I got in the car and channel surfed the radio stations while going to
the store the other day expected, I failed to find any music worth listening to.

While in line at the checkout in the grocery store, I overheard this hugely obese woman telling the cashier that she is on a new diet plan. The woman must have weighed over 300 pounds! from what I could tell. I noticed the items she had placed on the conveyor belt.............three boxes of Twinkies and six half-gallons of ice cream and ten candy bars! Go figure!

It appears that there are alot of folks announcing that they are running for President.
Unfortunately, NONE of them are worth voting for.

The only people that truly have a nickname
are those whose names ARE Nick.

Jehovah's Witnesses seem to be quiet lately.....
.....they must still be busy wolfing down the leftovers from the holidays.

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