Thursday, January 18, 2007

It's Only January And The Signs Of Our Demise Are All Over The Place

There seems to have been alot of reports lately about people seeing strange lights in the sky around the world. This is nothing that hasn't been reported before.....except these days, the people that have been seeing these strange objects in the sky, have been credible. I have no idea what to make of it.....except it cannot be a good thing.

Most people wouldn't recognize any signs of the end even if those signs spun around in circles.

I don't know about you folks, but when I see this picture of our President George Bush with tears running down his cheek, I am reminded of that old television commercial that had an Indian with tears running down his cheek because of people destroying the beauty of our land. It was about littering and littering is not good. When I see the picture above, I know it is not about littering, but something far deeper than that. I understand that he was moved at a ceremony for one of our fallen soldiers, however, my own gut feeling is that those tears are about much more than the fallen soldier. I get the feeling that President Bush knows alot more about things than most of us realize. He has a tough job and you can be sure that our President is informed about stuff that none of us even bother to try to comprehend. Add that to his own beliefs in the bible. You gotta know that Bush is between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, he has to do what he can to try to do something about the terrorist situation even though it may be unpopular to do so according to his political foes....and on the other hand, he most assuredly understands that he does not want to do things in such a large scale that would throw the switch for full scale turmoil across the planet. That full scale turmoil is written about in the bible. So what is he to do?

That full scale turmoil will come soon enough on its own. The antichrist is waiting in the wings. I hope I am wrong, but there are alot of folks that agree with me on this one.

On a smaller scale, yet another sign of the end, occurred at the ignauration ceremony and celebration here in Maryland the other day. Yep, Martin O'Malley, former Mayor of Baltimore, is now our Governor. As if that is not sign enough for of the speakers at that Ignaural ceremony was this country's newly appointed Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi. Remember, I wrote before how Pelosi was born and raised right here in Baltimore's Little Italy. She is a D'Alesandro. Very prominent political "family". Some would say the D'Alesandro folks were pretty their constituents rather personally. Well.......yet another sign of our demise came when Pelosi opened her old mug on the microphone announcing that "Martin O'Malley, not only was a great mayor of Baltimore....but he will be a great governor of...............(get this).................CALIFORNIA"!!!!!!!

Jesus God, we are all doomed!

This one ought to get your attention. Diet water!

Yet another sign of the end!

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