Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Pat Robertson - Moron Of The Week

No sooner we start off a New Year, some moron has to rear his ugly head to get some media attention so that other morons can get all excited about his "message from God". I cannot understand how anyone keeps sending this idiot money to support his shenanigans. Remember?.......it was that same Pat Robertson that tried to tell the world that God told him that the Atlantic Coast of the USA would be hit by a tsunami in 2006. Apparently God had a bad day....because it never happened. I knew all along Robertson was bogus. God never spoke to him........and I know this because of one simple fact........Robertson never hauled his butt out of Virginia Beach. If God had told me the east coast was about to be hit with a tsunami.....and if I lived near the beach.....I would relocate immediately........I figure that God wouldn't be joking about it. Robertson needs to take some time and rethink about what exactly it is that keeps giving him bad info. There is no biblical documentation that shows any inclination that God is a habitual liar and that when he speaks to people he tends to get his details messed up.

That's right Pat.........you might wanna stop that ridicuous squinting and take a peek at your hand once in a while. Whatever has been "communicating" with you couldn't even get a job at a race track selling brochures of "guaranteed picks". Furthermore........if it hurts so much to pray that your face shows extreme pain.....you might just be praying to something you ought not pray to. Personally, I find prayer to be painless and easy.........but I suppose if I thought that maybe a million or two morons would send me a few bucks because they might believe that I was some sort of "channel" of communication with God, I could force myself to squint rather often.

If ole Pat keeps this up, I might have to give him the Moron Of The Year Award. In the meantime, he gets the Moron Of The Week Award.

Now picture this.........how will I give out a couple million Moron Of The Week Awards to the idiots that support Robertson and fall for his bogosity?

I could go on and on and point out how ridiculous Robertson's shenanigans are......but then again.....there will always be people that also believe that wrestling on TV is real.

'Til next time..........

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