Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Small Group Of Followers

You have to be honored that you could be the top dog in your world. There is something that could be said about having followers that stick to you like glue and never argue with you. It makes you feel a bit special that you are on the receiving end of undeserved unconditional love. It is a wonderful thing to offer food and it never gets left uneaten. You gotta love it when they are always waiting.....right at the door....for your return. They never ask for much except food and a pat on the head or tummy. They even hop into the bed without coercion.

My followers always look up to me. They know who the boss is.

Meet my followers..........

This is Abigail. "Abby" is actually my grandkids' dog. She stays with me permanently because they asked.

And this is Mexican Space Heater.

I wouldn't know what I would do without Chico. He is not just a follower, but a buddy.

I often wonder what these two dogs would say if they could speak.

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