Thursday, November 08, 2007

Back To The Grind

We are back home again after a week long trip to Jamaica. I get mixed emotions after every trip I take regardless of where I have been. One one hand it is great to get back to my family and friends...........and let's not forget the dogs......hehehe. Home is always where the heart is.........isn't it? On the other hand, you find it difficult to look forward to returning to the assorted nonsense that you are subjected to on a daily basis. No sooner than I get home, I get greeted with a stolen newspaper, I am forced to visit the neighborhood "pit of hell" known as the grocery store.......where I find out that some ground beef was being's a bit odd to issue a recall of ground beef long after everyone has eaten it.........oh well........I guess it explains the potency of that chili I made before the trip....hehehe.

I have much to tell you about the trip and it will take several installments on the blog. I will begin those installments in the next day or two. Even though I came home on Sunday is Thursday and have spent the majority of my time since Monday dealing with a few unpleasant things. Curious as to what possible unpleasantries I have been dealing with???.........for some odd reason I seemed to have been a meal for a certain little pest. In Jamaica, I did get a few bites from an occasional mosquito and some no-sees.......but that was minimal and not too much beyond the norm for such a visit. It wasn't until I landed in Baltimore that began noticing that something was biting the hell out of my arms and legs. No, it doesn't appear that my pets have a flea problem. My guess is that I may have picked up this problem from the seats on the bus that transported us from the resort to the airport in Jamaica.....OR.....I picked up this aggravation from my seat on the Air Jamaica flight to Baltimore. Either way, the result was the same........endless itching and scratching......ughh. For some reason, the wife "Supernurse" has not been subjected to any bites.....just me.

On a more serious note, another unpleasantry occurred sometime between noon on Monday and 8 a.m. on Tuesday. I was awakened from a good sleep to be informed by the wife, Supernurse, that "someone slashed our tires!". How wonderful is that? Gee.....I know I have a few enemies on this planet but I would think I could have seen something like this coming. I certainly was NOT expecting this one. Random act?......not hardly. Nobody else in the neighborhood had their tires slashed......just mine. Fortunately, they only slashed two of the tires. Actually, I would have been better off if they had slashed all four tires. Two tires costed me a total of $300 after it was all said and done. The towing was free. But now I have two very new tires and two very used tires. The deductible for insurance was $250. Get it now?.If all four tires had been slashed, I could have had FOUR new tires on my car for the price of two! Hmmmmm.......I did NOT think about that before I reported this to the police and the insurance company. Oh well.....such is life. As to who did this deed?.......nobody knows.....and surely the moron hasn't the testicles to face anyone in my family. One thing is for sure.........he really, really, doesn't want us to find out who he is....if you know what I mean. Oh......and the police?......HA.....what a joke! They took the report over the phone. As you already know, the police are overloaded with work dealing with drivers without seatbelts.

So yesterday, I was sitting in my recliner, itching and scratching, and watching a little bit of the FoxNews channel to catch up on what's been going on around the planet since I had been "out of the loop" for a week. I am sitting there....trying to actually relax from the stress so far this week and POOF.......the tv screen goes black. A message then scrolls across the screen about how my cable company needs to change some sort of satellite hook-up. From what we could see, absolutely no other channels had this problem. ONLY the one channel I wanted to watch! Here we go again!

Did anyone notice that there was an election in Baltimore on Tuesday?

Arggghhh, and let's not forget Monday night............I got to sit back in my recliner, itching and scratching, and watch the Ravens get the shit kicked out of them by the Steelers......oh joy! I wouldn't fret so much of the Ravens had lost in a close game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But to watch your team repeatedly throw 2 or 3 yard passes on third down when they needed to go 10 or 15 yards for a first down! is disgusting.

So here I am.....back to the grind.

It's a damn good thing I leave again for the Caribbean on Nov 16 until the 27th. Maybe after I get back from that cruise, I will get into the Christmas can hope!

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