Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jamaica Part 3 - We Arrive At The Resort

Upon arriving at the Sunset At The Palms Resort in Negril, Jamaica our entourage was herded into a large room where we were welcomed with refreshments. Room keys, assorted excursion information and our orange wristbands were given to us. Once this process was completed, we went right off in search of our "rooms". A bellhop would bring our luggage to the room, so we were anxious to cut to the chase and head for the beach. I will write more about the rooms in another installment.
Time was of the essence............a large portion of our day was already used up.......we quickly hit the beach which was about a five minute walk from the room. This resort location is obviously promoted for its sunsets. The resort faces west on the coastline. This is exactly what I am anticipating.

It was beautiful. I cannot say it was the best beach I have ever been far, the Iberostar Bavaro in Punta Cana is tops on my list.........but this beach is very nice indeed.

The water was very calm and as the evening drew closer, the colors everywhere had a heavy teal color abounding......I found this sight very surreal.

My thoughts were about the weather and how the rest of the week might be. I knew about the two tropical depressions in the Carribbean before leaving Baltimore. The forecasters reported that one of the depressions was to the east of Jamaica nearer to Puerto Rico and the other depression was off the coast of Cozumel. They predicted that the one to our east was showing no probability of becoming a tropical storm. The one near Cozumel allegedly had more potential and would likely head on up into the Gulf of Mexico. Very promising............but I am aware that weather forecasters are often wrong and these storm systems are very unpredictable. So, in the back of my mind, the storm lurks, and I begin snapping pictures of the sunset, lest it be the only opportunity I have.

I can see with my own eyes that we have the presence of clouds around big deal actually...........and my eyes are filled with the beauty before me. I am just sucking this all in.......I cannot see this at home......not like this I can't.

The water was warm and so calm. When you look down into the water you can see your feet clearly and there is hardly ever a rock or any seaweed to deal with.........almost perfect.

You want this to last........I kept snapping the pictures.

As evening falls, it gets more beautiful with every minute.......and the assorted variations of teal is everywhere............stunning.

Could you imagine seeing this kind of thing every day?

I never get tired of such a sight. This is what I wanted. I needed to see this. It has been worth the trip already and this is the first day.

There is a certain tranquility here............God's artwork in all it's can there be so much poverty and squalor on this island when they have their eyes filled with this every day?

Do they not realize they live in paradise?

Oh far so good...........and nightfall was coming quickly. There is more beach for tomorrow and we have food to eat, drinks to drink, and a perfectly good pool to visit........and of course, the wonderful rooms....................this is all good, folks!

Next Up: Jamaica Part 4 - It's Looking Fantastic!

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