Monday, September 03, 2007

Somebody Has To Say This Stuff.........

So it looks like I am gonna have to be the one to say it.

So here I go........ I watched the Democratic Mayoral Primary Debate that aired on public television. For those of you who read this, our current mayor Sheila Dixon wasn't elected to her position. Dixon took over when Martin O'Malley became Governor. Baltimore has alot of problems.......and through two terms, O'Malley did nothing but leave an even greater mess behind. Of course, we can't just blame O'Malley.........Sheila Dixon deserves some of the credit, since she was the City Council president during the O'Malley years. Naturally, because politicians believe they are entitled to power, Dixon wants to be elected mayor of Baltimore.

Baltimore has well over 200 murders so far this year. With each and every day, there are many more who lose their lives here.....senselessly......and real solutions are nowhere to be found.......and certainly no real solutions are offered by any politicians. The kicker here is....the "top" candidate for mayor just so happens to be Sheila Dixon........and Dixon recently got her ugly mug on television and said "Baltimore is safe." Unbelievable!

Back to the "debate"..........the field of candidates has to be the worst I have ever seen. There isn't one candidate with charm.......not one with "rock star" charisma..........none that even seem to convey an education beyond 8th grade........and none that spits a fire and demands change. We won't ever see a Republican primary debate here because Baltimore has been a democrat stronghold.....something like 99%....and a Republican hasn't a chance. Maybe it is time, though, to give one a chance......but I would suggest that there is nobody decent on either side that is willing to become mayor. Let me put it this way.........perhaps there was a time when becoming a mayor of a city was prestigious, honorable, and decent. A position that actually meant something good. appears that the position of mayor, is now reduced to a symbol of inefficiency, crime, and corruption. Who wants the job?..........well....I have seen the candidates........they all claim to want the job, and from my perspective, each and every one of them will likely be a perfect fit as head of a city of the aforementioned corruption, crime, and inefficiency. Baltimore is doomed.

I didn't care for the job O'Malley did as mayor, and from what I can see, he is doing his darndest, as governor, to make the entire state of Maryland in as bad condition as what he left Baltimore. But at least O'Malley is one of those "rock star" politicians.........he has the looks, charisma, and he can actually speak more than ten words and two sentences without saying "ughhhh" or "ummmmm". Watching the debate was like having an out of body look down and see a motionless body (Baltimore) and listen to the funeral visitors chewing each other up. Not one of them will stand up and say "I apologize for being a part of Baltimore's demise". Not one of them.

If these morons are the best that can be found to lead this dying city........then there is no doubt in my mind that we can expect things to get worse in a hurry here and that's a darned shame. Once again, the political landscape of Baltimore is shaped by the cronies that run, not the figureheads that actually become candidates locally, but the machine that dictates their every action. The democrat political machine of Maryland needs to be put away into a landfill. In al of the years that have gone by, I have yet to meet anyone that can honestly say that things are better here. Crime is up....Murders are rampant......Jobs are low paying........Cost of Living is escalating and never decreasing......we still have slums and ghettos......the roads are in disrepair and a disgrace.....the police are inept and corrupt........and the nice democratic machine is taking steps to raise taxes again.


Baltimore City will get to the point where the tax base is so small within the city limits, that they will install some sort of commuter tax on those who live outside the city limits yet work inside the beltway. And somehow, it will be said that if the folks in the county will be subsidizing the city, they might as well have some say in its elections............and I see the following happening:

Baltimore City will merge with Baltimore County, thus creating the "Baltimore Metropolitan Area" large can happen and it will happen.

Maybe then, we will have a few years where someone decent will run for office............oh....and more importantly........decent people will actually vote.

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