Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's Sunday........uh oh!'s Sunday.........and that means football.
Unfortunately, the Ravens won't be on my tv until Monday night. Instead, I am subjected to a Pittsburgh Steeler game against if anyone in Baltimore really wants to see that game. Personally, I would rather watch an old Ma & Pa Kettle movie. When I was a kid, we had that option on the tv. Back then, there was no such thing as cable......and we were lucky if we had a decent enough antenna to bring in three clear local channels and maybe two or three stations from Washington DC. I remember the picture quality of those was like looking at everything thru a snowstorm........ahhhhh but it was a simpler time.........and at least a time where you actually needed a roll of tin foil......hehehe.

Today, I have over 200 channels and I am hard pressed to find anything decent or interesting to watch.....go figure. It's no fun watching the Orioles lose again, and I cannot find a decent old movie anywhere. Where is Ma & Pa Kettle?

Here are a few things that irritate me to no end:

While watching baseball on tv, there are always some morons in the background on their cell phones waving at the camera. I cannot comprehend what possesses people to spend $100 to see a game and then waste their time and my television viewing pleasure with those shenanigans.

Speaking of cell phones......what is up with all of these people in the aisles at the grocery store and on their cell phones? Did they need to call home to find out what they need to buy at the store? Have grocery lists become a thing of the past? Are people so busy that they need to catch up on all of their phone calls while shopping? I guess I wouldn't mind it so much if these people would just have the decency to find some corner of the store for this crap and stay the hell out of the aisles. Inconsiderate morons blocking the ain't right. Oh, I get my revenge though.....hehehe.

I remember a simpler time when my "phone" was about two blocks from my house, hanging on the side of a building that was a pharmacy. Couldn't have that today though.......they got rid of most of the payphones because of some moron dope dealers spoiling that concept. Instead, these days people can't even start up a car and put it in drive unless they have a cellphone up against their head. Do you suppose they will take away the cars in the future?

I get irritated when I see a news report about a crime of any sort and the reporter interviews the neighbors of the alleged perpetrator. Every time.....its always "he was a nice guy"....or "he just bought furniture!"...........never....not even once do they ever show a neighbor say "I knew that sucker and he was a real bastard"...or "we always knew he would do this"......never.

Another irritating thing is all of these cameras everywhere. All of the elements of the Orwellian concept of society are being put in place little by little and we let it happen. But let's just point out the cameras that they have in banks and convenience stores..............somebody needs to get a refund for what they paid to have them installed. I have yet to see any pictures from these cameras on tv news where the quality of the picture was better than a tv screen in 1965 with a tin foil antenna. How in God's name can anyone identify the suspects with such blurry pictures? In this age of high technology you would think at least you could get a very clear picture. No excuse.

Here is a point to ponder.......if Steve Fossett, millionaire pilot, can dissappear so easily, what makes the authorities think they could keep a terrorist from dissappearing?........much less find one.

Don't can happen. I saw one commercial where it looks like senior citizens are having a great time racing their set of wheels across a bridge at a retirement center in Florida somewhere. Before you know it, they will be having this stuff on ESPN.

Note to self: I should have had the foresight to have invested in stuff that the baby boomers would want or need......I could be rich! Every five minutes, you see a commercial on tv where a "meter" is offered. I can see it now...............people in motorized scooters with a cell phone in one hand and a meter in the's not a pretty picture for our future is it?

And of course, just when you think you have heard or seen it all........along comes this.
Need I say more?
Damned Sunday drivers!

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