Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Big Stink Permeates Baltimore

If you believe anything at all..............believe it stinks.

Stench..........It's not like any of us can say we didn't see any of this coming.
Tuesday was "Primary Election" day in Baltimore City. It stinks really bad now.
"Primary".........what a joke! In Baltimore City, "Primary Election" means that they will be selecting from the slate of morons in hope that one moron will maintain the status quo for the democratic party. Whoever wins the "primary" will BE the next mayor. "General Election"?? have to be kidding me.....Republicans make up about 7% of all registered voters in have a better chance of hitting the lottery like a guy named Bucky.
The General Election is pointless unless we can still hope for miracles..........more stink!

The democratic machine is so strong in Baltimore City that a republican candidate could never find enough dead people to vote for them and give the democrats a fight. Surely you must have heard how famous Baltimore is for having dead people vote.........more stink!

Does it stink enough yet?...........well.....the results are in............even more stink! Sheila Dixon will be continuing as Mayor of Baltimore. We are gonna be stuck with her for quite some time unless some miracle does happen. And guess who stood in front of the cameras to announce the "new mayor"????? was none other than that leadership team for democrats led by former Baltimore Mayor and now current Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley. Ohhhhh the stink factor is way up there now, ain't it?

Was the election fixed?......rigged by the powers that be?.........probably would not surprise me one bit. It was reported all day long that the voter turnout was at an all-time low...........more stink. This tells me one of the following three things:
1. The dead were the only ones voting this year.
2. The majority of citizens in Baltimore are felons and are unable to vote.
3 There was nobody worth voting for so why bother?
Governor O'Malley was reported to have said that "voter turnout was decent". Imagine that.......this is further proof that this moron is out of touch with reality. How can anyone trust O'Malley with numbers? He also said "I don't subscribe to the notion that nobody cares about the city"...........hehehe.......can you "believe" that load of crap? Things are rancid enough and then this idiot has to hit the tv and say these kinds of things as if we are all little morons that have no idea why the majority of voters didn't bother to vote.

There are approximately 630,000 people that currently live in Baltimore City. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, there were over a million living, half are gone............hmmmmmm.......must have been the stink. It is also a fact that there are 333,700 registered voters in Baltimore City, of which 90% are registered as democrats. Consider the above mentioned numbers and imagine this little fact............only 70,865 people actually voted on Tuesday..........that's all!'s pathetic! and it stinks really bad! To sum it all up, it looks like it is safe to say that the few have decided for us all.......and I would bet money that those few stink so bad that they need a "Believe" sticker slapped on their backs. The newspaper reported "Landslide victory for Dixon!" have got to be kidding me......landslide?.........Bullhockey!
Oh yeah........let's hear it for O'Malley and Dixon.......under their regimes so far, Baltimore City schools have reached that pinnacle of a 40% graduation rate..........gee.....if they could reduce the murder rate, it might just have a chance to be 43%..........more stink!
Okay, so how can I explain this stench.......the big stink...........??????
Let me give it a shot since I have yet to hear any reasonable explanations in the media.
Here are my Top 20 Excuses For Baltimoreans Not Voting on Tuesday:

1. I didn't have an umbrella.
2. Too many po-leece around the polling places.
3. I don't do anything unless I get paid.
4. I like the high crimes and murder gives me something to read about in the news.
5. There was an election?........What's an election?
6. I had to go to Best Buy and wait in line for the new Kanye West CD.
7. I had to go to Best Buy and wait in line for the new 50 Cent CD.
8. I couldn't make bail in time.
9. I was recovering from the Ravens loss on Monday night.
10. A man's gotta sleep sometime.
11. I ain't dead yet, so I can't vote.
12. I didn't have bus fare.
13. I didn't want to get shot.
14. The only lever I pull is on the toilet.
15. I'm a Republican
16. It's too risky to gather in large groups of people on Sept. 11th......duh.
17. I am still taking classes paid by community development block grant money on how to fill out a ballot form.
18. Towanda's feelings were hurt so I had to take her to the emergency room.
19. I already missed three days of work this week and Tuesday was not one of them.
20. What?.......and miss the dog fights?

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