Friday, September 07, 2007


Life is short and you gotta make the most of it while you exist. Some would say that griping and groaning about things will not necessarily do much to change things in the present..........but I seem to have these certain little reminders in my life that keep me going. Soon I will be 52 and some could say the best years for me have passed........but those people do not always see things as I do....yet there are days I would wholeheartedly agree with them.

I cannot change the past. What is done is done. I can only sit here and anticipate each day that follows. Am I optimistic?......maybe least not for me. I need to vent and point out stuff, sound the alarm, to others......perhaps they might take notice and be inspired to inflict some changes to the things that are awry. Often I reflect on the past and imagine what things would be like for me today had I done a few things differently or if I made some effort while I was young to change things before I got older......but hindsight is 20/20 isn't it?..........yet there is a certain gratification to act not on your own behalf, but for others. This blog helps to serve up just a little piece of that....maybe something I write here could inspire someone else......that would be a good thing and if that actually occurs, then I will have accomplished much.

Life is stressful and writing stuff down seems to ease up on that. When you are young, most people never take time to notice their world around them. As I have gotten older, what awareness I had as a younger person has grown and grown and festered into a persistent sense of urgency. The city I was born and raised in is reaching critical mass....... there is a war unlike anything we have ever seen in our lifetime........illnesses abound........the political landscape is the equivalent of landfill with a morgue buried deep within its heaps of garbage..........and a sense of impending chaos about to come. Maybe I cannot change those things that will occur in the future, but I can surely try to do the following:
1. Brighten up someone's day by getting them to crack a smile.
2. Offer some reasonable advice about assorted things.
3. Share some of the joys that I have had my own self.
4. Leave some sort of historical record or mark for those family members that will hopefully be around long after my demise. (remember, I am half-old......hehehe)

My source of inspiration today, as with many other days, is that little foot next to mine in the picture shown above. You see a simple moment of joy in that picture which cannot be bought.....maybe it cannot even be taught......but it is one moment that, if you do not take the time to absorb it and take it in, will be lost in the fray......forgotten about......shelved like many other moments of time in your lives.

I want my children and grandchildren to know that I love them more than I could ever express......and that everything I do at this stage of my life.........well, at least most of what I for them.

Now if I can just get them to actually listen to me and pay attention.......hehehe.

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