Saturday, December 16, 2006

Polish Treasures for Christmas and Everyday

Every year at Christmas time, I head down to a small shop called Polish Treasures at 429 South Chester St. in Baltimore to purchase some Christmas wafer. It's a Polish tradition to break wafer (bread) with family and friends on Christmas. For our family, Christmas would not be complete without some of the wafer. I love this shop! The owners of the shop are very friendly and helpful. Even if you are not Polish or have no Polish heritage, this little shop deserves a visit from you. You will see stuff that you cannot find anywhere else........except maybe in Poland. Prices are very reasonable and there is so much to look is practically a museum!

Christmas is their busiest time of the year and they have extended hours to accommodate customers needs. When it comes to Christmas related items, Polish Treasures will have something that you will want after you see it in their shop. Dozens uopn dozens of ornaments are on display in a back room......the back room is all about Christmas items. I could stand in that room alone for an hour and probably miss seeing something. Glass blown, hand made ornaments from Poland are absolutlely beautiful.

It's almost way too many things to look at.

Along the bottom of the photo, you can see some of the hand-crafted wood mangers.

And here is where things get really, really far as hand-crafted things go.........these are made from tin-foils. Very detailed and intricate and beautiful. You want one of these now don't you?

Take your pick. They have them in all sizes. It's a traditional Polish thang!

My eyes were attracted to the hand painted goose eggs. Just look at the detail!

And these eggs are amazing......they have some sort of weed strands bent and winding around in patterns. I had never seen anything ike it before.

Hand-crafted crucifixes and assorted religious icons and collectibles.

Along with books, music, dolls, knick-knacks, food items, groceries, t-shirts, amber jewelry and other assorted items, you will find beautiful Polish dishes and bowls, cups, etc.

I told the owner that I had a blog and that I would like to mention her shop on it. I had asked if I could take a few photos for the blog and she gave me the okay to do so. I told her that I would hate to see the day that her shop no longer existed and I wanted to do whatever I could to help keep customers coming. She informed me that they have been in business for twenty years now and their clientele has been consisting of the many Polish people that attend Holy Rosary Church right across the street from the shop.

If you are not in Baltimore, or even if you are, you can also see and purchase these fine Polish items by visiting their website at

If you ARE in Baltimore, get off your lazy rump and get over to 429 South Chester St. and be prepared to be awestruck by the wonderful things you will see. If you do, tell them you saw them on this blog.

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