Thursday, December 14, 2006

Crabs For Christmas

Yep, we have a Christmas wreath on our front door. We put it there every year. It's nice to hear the jingle of the bells whenever the door opens.

That's David DeBoy pictured above with the crab in his hand. David wrote and recorded one of my favorite Christmas songs. Here in Baltimore, his song "Crabs For Christmas" is a yuletide necessity. If you have ever heard the song, you would understand why. That song has "Bawlamer" all over it. If you are interested, check David's stuff out at .

.............ooohhhhhhh I want crabs for Christmas!

Of course, when you want crabs for Christmas....."yalso went beer to go "wiff" it!".........remember Carling Black Label beer? Remember the "Hey Mabel, Black Label" commercials and ads? Nobody ever names their kids "Mabel" any more.

I appreciate great signs and advertisements. I ran across these two picture of trucks with fantastic artwork on them. Can you imagine seeing this next to you on the highway?

Absolutely brilliant!

Time is ticking away quickly. Before you realize it, it will be Christmas Day!...........and I have tons of stuff to do. Stay Tuned!

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