Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Annual Christmas Parties

There are a few occasions where I am required to wear something other than my usual Hawaiian shirts or t-shirts and jeans along with a cap. So I sacrifice comfort clothes to escort my wife to two huge Christmas Gala's each year.

The first of these Christmas parties was held at Martin's East in Baltimore County and was for the Emergency Staff at Franklin Square Hospital. I didn't get many photos since we had arrived late because we had been dining at The Melting Pot in Towson. That dining experience ate up alot of time.......but that was okay by me.........this event was exactly the same as it was last year and even the band "Bobby & The Believers" played the same exact songs in the same exact order. It was a nice occasion, but in comparison to the next night's event.........this one comes across as very tacky. You feel like you are zapped right back into 1975......same songs.....same decor........same old, same old. The intent is good, the people are great, the cause is honorable and everybody still had a good time.
The big event was Saturday night at the Gramercy Mansion (shown above). This Christmas Gala was put on by Chesapeake Medical Staffing and was for the benefit of Healthcare For The Homeless. It's a bit strange to wallow in such opulence and glamourous digs for such a is quite a contrast to the cause being at the extreme opposite end of the spectrum as we were. However, when you consider the end result of such an affair, alot of good was done. The Healthcare For the Homeless organization managed to get a Christmas gift of over an estimated $22,000 dollars. These funds will go a long way and more is needed. Not many people are aware of this effort for homeless people and you would do well to find out more about them by visiting their website at

The Gramercy Mansion is a secluded spectacle. A feast for the eyes. It is also a Bed & Breakfast, and considered one of the most romantic places to stay.....anywhere. Aside from that, they also host many special events. You can visit their website at to find out more about it.

Outside the Gramercy Mansion, the Christmas lights are minimal but just right. The inside of the building is a different KNOW its Christmas when you enter.

Decorations inside are a stunning and are just about everywhere. The grand staircase is adorned in a way that does not take away from the natural beauty of it. I could picture this staircase in a castle in England. The only time I have ever seen anything like it....was on the old Bee Gees "Cucumber Castle" album cover.
This is an old harpsichord. All of the furnishings inside the mansion are wonderful.
Not a great photo but this is looking up that staircase. I took this shot just in case............maybe the camera would catch a ghost that I couldn't see with my own eyeballs....hehehe.

There are fireplaces in every room and each mantlepiece has Christmas decorations. This particular one has the nativity scene. It is great to be able to go somewhere where they have not forgot the reason for the season.

The entire place is eye candy. Everywhere you set your eyes, there is something to behold.

They had quite a collection of Nutcrackers.

Stocking hangers.
Christmas trees in just about each room. This was in the room where the disc jockey was set up.

A definite "old world" feel to this place.

And what do you do when you have a large collection of preserved wild animals? put Christmas decorations on them too!

Okay.......enough about the mansion........let get to the event. As I previously mentioned, this event was held for the benefit of Healthcare For The Homeless. In one room there were many items and services on display that were up for bidding. My wife mentioned the necklace and purse combo I figured I had to make an effort to get it for her. After all was said and done.........we went home with that purse and necklace, and Healthcare For The Homeless got another hundred bucks. Not a bad deal at all.

Gotta mention the food. The Gramercy folks do it perfectly. Crab cakes, Chicken Wellington, Spring Rolls, Soft Crab, Steak, Jumbo Shrimp, and Artichokes were paraded around throughout each room by the service staff. They also had this nice fellow (shown in the photo) who was shucking oysters for anyone that cared to eat them. I am not an oyster person..........I can only think of one thing that it resembles and I always cough that up and spit that out. The folks that enjoy oysters, informed me that the oysters he was serving were great.

Deserts, candies............beautifully presented......and very tasty.

Lots of fruit and veggies too.

Awards were given to those nurses and techs that had the most hours accumulated. Needless to say, my wife Nurse Ratchet, was one of them.

All of these folks are good people. They are the ones that take care of you when you are at the hospital. They take their jobs seriously and their career of Nursing is, according to an AOL survey, the most respected and honest of careers.

And we danced................I am not one to cut a rug..........but I can do the slow songs.........and when your wife looks like wouldn't refuse.

I am a lucky guy........and a happy one too. Here I am dancing with my eldest daughter "Mrs. Rockefeller".
I also danced with my youngest daughter "Cheer Leader". You can tell that me and the wife made some great looking kids.
Everybody was dancing and having a wonderful time.

That's my wife, Florence Nightingale I, on the right. The other three are nurses also.............and each and every one of them was drunk as all get am just kidding......hehehe.

It was a great night out and these gals will be immediately planning on what they will be wearing next year to this event. Me?.........well............I won't be holding my breath in anticipation of a t-shirt event.........I have my suit.

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