Wednesday, September 27, 2006

You most likely have seen this stuff before in laundromats, waiting rooms, and "placed" in your front door. Yep, time tested propagandic fear magazines "placed" with the intent on sucking in the vulnerable, the spiritually weak, the mentally inept, and other assorted fools.

The largest purveyor of nonsense has been the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society. If that organization doesn't ring a bell for you, perhaps their braindead book club members have. The Jehovah's Witnesses. Frequently I will be mentioning these idiots here. I intend to inform you of the things you never knew about them...lest you get sucked in by one of those false smiling, glassy-eyed staring morons that come to you door.

Nobody has erroneously predicted the "end of the world" more than these people. Notice the picture of theirs above, from one of their magazines. See the excited and happy Jehovah's Witnesses? Notice the great delight on their faces? Would you entertain the notion to be like they are when buildings are being destroyed and innocent people are being killed before your eyes? These morons look forward to this stuff and 90% of them don't even know why. More about that later. The Watchtower claims to be a "religious organization". Actually, it is a scam. A book club where its membership eternally funds its enigmatic and hardly known leadership.

Ask any former member of this nonsense and they will unanimously tell you of the horrors they have suffered. Aside from being brainwashed to the extent that an individual becomes "not up on the world that surrounds them", they are also "mentally regulated" into a state of dysfunction of biblical proportion. Appealing isn't it?

As to the "end of the world", it may happen eventually and sooner or later somebody may guess it right and cough up a decent prediction. Honestly, you would be better served if you take notice of other things that clue you in on the looming demise of the world.

Next post, stay tuned..........signs of the end!

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    sign i enjoy reading your blogs. hope you can find a way to put up your wt parodies up on line . maybe on your friend Quido