Saturday, September 30, 2006

Grouchy Olbermann

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann appears to be getting desperate.

What was once a rather humorous talking head on television has become obsessed with his obvious hatred for anything or anyone non-liberal. I figure one of two things has happened here. Either MSNBC has decided that in order to boost their ratings they would try to appeal to their estimation of the number of ultra-liberals that actually watch channels other than C-Span or Comedy Central by convincing Olbermann to make a fool of himself nightly on Countdown, or Olbermann himself is so envious of the success of others that he thinks attacking and insulting them on his show will somehow entertain the few morons that enjoy that stuff. First off, MSNBC has never had much in the way of ratings as far as I can tell. Little success if any at all. It is obvious what the agenda is at MSNBC. After seeing how miserable the ratings have been for their "top dog" Chris Matthews,(So far they have refused to cancel Hardball) it is easy to realize what this network is all about.
It is obvious that alot of people don't enjoy watching a biased political propagandist continually interrupt and sometimes shout over their guests. If I did that, I would be called "rude". Perhaps his show would get more ratings if it was called "Rudeball". That way the masses of illiterate viewers out there would tune in to something other than a show listed in their channel guides that implies "baseball". I see it now......they tune in, expect baseball, see Matthews, and turn to some other channel. Duh!
Maybe Olbermann is just a working stiff trying to please the bosses so he can have a job on t.v.
Other networks would rather hire some original performers. Groucho Marx was an original. He could insult people in a way that was really slick. Olbermann ain't no Groucho, however, if he would just let the hair under his nose grow, at least he would look like him.

While I am on the subject of MSNBC, I should mention Rita Cosby. I just cannot understand how anyone could even get a job on television or radio and sound like she sounds. Maybe she sounded okay when she first started and her voice deteriorated over time, but let's face it, if you or I sounded like that, our services would "no longer be needed". This woman sounds out of breath, tries to talk faster than a crack addict, and is always showing up on MSNBC whenever there is breaking news, like when Dog Chapman was arrested. "Breaking News!........"Dog Chapman arrested!" Its a news item yes, but breaking news worthy of having a woman short of breath and gasping for air rattle out the few known wait, I get it......Rita is the only woman on the planet that can call Chapman's wife on her cell phone LIVE on the air! Jesus God, this HAS to be one of those signs of the end!

No wonder the Food Network is doing well.

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