Thursday, September 28, 2006

Momentary Break In The Madness

Every once in a while something catches your eye and you just simply have to take a moment to absorb it.

One evening I stood at my front door watching the mayhem created by an exhorbitant amount of vehicles inundating the street in front of my house. These people apparently all decided, at the same time, to arrive home from wherever they were, creating a traffic jam in our otherwise quiet neighborhood. I stood there shaking my head at these morons for their lack of driving skills. As it was, I looked up at the sky........and WOW! It was a keeper. The kind of sky you wouldn't want to fade away. I grabbed my camera and clicked that sight to behold so I can see it again and again. It occurred to me yesterday, that probably none of the morons in those cars even noticed the sky that day. Thanks to technology, today you have the opportunity to see what I saw that evening. Stare at the picture and enjoy God's artwork.

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